Three Times the Treasure: Clinique ‘Whole Lotta Candy’ Holiday Set – Chubby Sticks in Pudgy Peony, Voluptuous Violet and Two Ton Tomato

Merry lurking, fellow rogues!

I hope you’ve all been having an enjoyable festive season, with much quaffing, feasting etc. With some of the madness over, i’m checking in at the last minute (according to my schedule) to bring you a review of a wonderful gift I was given yesterday! To whit: the Clinique ‘Whole Lotta Candy’ holiday set.

The Clinique Whole Lotta Candy holiday set. Three times the usual Chubby Stick treasure! Also pictured – a slice of the village this rogue did most of her holiday feasting in…

The set contains three mini Chubby Sticks, in the shades Pudgy Peony (a bright, sheer, pink), Voluptuous Violet (a nearly transparent red-based purple) and Two Ton Tomato (a bright, sheer warm red), all in limited edition ‘candy’ patterned casing. The size of the whole stick isn’t dissimilar to a full size Chubby Stick, but there is less product (just under half) in the tube, hence ‘mini’. Attached below is the ingredients list, for your viewing pleasure.

The ingredients list/product details. I still have to wonder who came up with some of the names for these things. It's more original than 'Rose pink' or something, but 'two ton tomato' makes me giggle like a goblin at a rat race. Don't even bet me started on 'chunkiest chilli'...

The ingredients list/product details. I still have to wonder who came up with some of the names for these things. It’s more original than ‘Rose pink’ or something, but ‘two ton tomato’ makes me giggle like a goblin at a rat race. Don’t even get me started on ‘chunkiest chilli’…


Clinique’s Chubby Sticks are actually already a favourite of mine – I have two other shades, full size, that I will bring you at a later date. I find the texture to be smooth, easily applied, and very moisturising. They have a balm-like texture, a very light fragrance and no discernible taste. On me, they wear a good three hours or so, enough to get you through a couple of rooftop chases (where you’ll need the balm against the wind) and a celebration in the tavern afterward. Because of the slightly waxy texture (not in a bad way) I find that these last quite well through modest drinking/eating. Some of the shades can leave a soft stain.


From left to right: Two Ton Tomato, Voluptuous Violet and Pudgy Peony.

From left to right: Two Ton Tomato, Voluptuous Violet and Pudgy Peony.

The packaging is structurally identical to the full size Chubby Stick – there’s just a pattern on the barrel and the cap is transparent plastic instead of silver. The Chubby Stick packaging is excellent, I find, with a twist-up action (so you don’t need to worry about cluttering up your kit with a sharpener or wasting product) that is very smooth and a snug fitting cap that doesn’t pop off in your bag. There’s nothing more embarrassing than whipping out a dagger to fend off a rabid harpy, only to have the creature burst out laughing because your weapon is smeared with multicoloured gunk.



Left to right: Pudgy Peony, Voluptuous Violet and Two Ton Tomato


In general, Chubby Sticks impart a sheer to medium wash of colour with a soft sheen. They’re perfect as ‘my lips but better’ colours with one or two passes, while some shades will yield definite and distinctly bright colours with a third or fourth pass. I can’t speak for all of them, as I’ve only (now) tried five shades out of what seems like about twenty, but every one I’ve tried has been at least useful as a ‘shade I can quickly dash on to perk me up while being pursued by orc hordes’ – seriously, never underestimate the power of a lip product that’s hydrating, imparts a soft, pretty colour, and can be applied without a mirror. The shape of the chubby crayon also makes application very easy. Even when it gets ‘blunt’, I still find it precise enough to get a good even line.



Swatches in natural daylight, from left to right: Two Ton Tomato, Voluptuous Violet, Pudgy Peony.


In the above swatches, Two Ton Tomato and Pudgy Peony were two or three passes each. Voluptuous Violet was the result I got after, effectively, scrubbing at my arm with the crayon. The shade is, shall we say, rather sheer. However, when applied to the lips, especially if you don’t have a strong natural lip colour, it gives a slight berryish stain – I’m guessing that if your lips are more pigmented, it will probably just somewhat deepen the colour you already have. This can be very pretty for an effortless ‘pick me up’, but I’m not sure I would purchase the full, individual size of Voluptuous Violet at the price Clinique are asking for it!


Swatches 2

The same swatches under artificial light to show the sheen. Interestingly, Two Ton Tomato takes on a much more orange tone in this lighting!


One of the reasons that I like Chubby Sticks so much is that they are yet another multitasking product. The ones with medium pigment (like Two Ton Tomato and Pudgy Peony here) can be used as an ’emergency’ cream blush if you need to put a bit of colour in your cheeks at short notice! Obviously, because of their texture, you will get a slightly dewy effect, but you’re never in danger of applying too much, and if you have a few seconds to blend a bit more of the sheen away, then the stain is actually quite pretty and lasts for a little while. Mind you, this probably applies more if you are as ghostly pale as I am. Deeper skintones might find the exercise a bit pointless? Let me know if you try, I’d be curious to know if it works for those less vampiric than this rogue!

The verdict: All in all, this is a great little set of Chubby Sticks, perfect for those looking to try out a few shades, or those looking to expand their collection cost-effectively. Voluptuous Violet is very sheer, but sometimes that’s just what you need. I am a fan of Chubby Sticks in general, and can only recommend them to any rogue who likes a hard-working, attractive lipbalm/stain/stick/paladin.

The practicalities: Clinique’s Whole Lotta Candy set costs  NZD 40.00/US 25.00 for a set of three 1.2 g/0.04 oz (each) lip crayons. The same shades, and many others, are available in full-size Chubby Sticks in the permanent line, which cost NZD 40.00 / US 17.00 each for 2.8 g/0.1 oz. Clinique products may be acquired from assorted chemists, department stores and Spehoras around the globe, as well as

Until next time, fellow adventurers, don’t forget to check for traps!


I am an adventuring rogue, not a mercenary for hire, and as such, all opinions expressed here are my own, based on a genuine fondness for/interest in this product. If you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to pin your parchment to the board (contact me) at thepaintedrogue [at] gmail [dot] com., or use the contact form provided!


12 thoughts on “Three Times the Treasure: Clinique ‘Whole Lotta Candy’ Holiday Set – Chubby Sticks in Pudgy Peony, Voluptuous Violet and Two Ton Tomato

    • Karen speaks truly. That said, I love the silly names of these colors. And I very much appreciate the note about hydrated lips for rooftop chases–these are the things a girl needs to know!


      • When it’s the giant tomato monster that’s chasing you across the rooftops, it certainly feels like two tons of angry fruit is bearing down on your face. Maybe that’s what Clinique meant? 😛


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