Well, hello there,


Welcome to the Painted Rogue!


Being a rogue is a complicated thing, and I’ve started this little blog to try and share some of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years, and help you choose the best items for your arsenal. On this little pinboard, you will find:

  • A little guidance on the best, tried and true potions and rouges for the confident, creative rogue (who says you can’t leapfrog murderous drow and look fabulous while doing it?)


  • Insight into the alchemy of the above (who wants to wait for the wizard to tell you everything?)


  • My views on the best attire for leaping and pirouetting with ease (because, really, somersaulting through windows in advance of a fireball is so much easier when you’re comfortable)

I do hope you find something of interest here!


Remember to check for traps, though… 😉





4 thoughts on “About

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    • Aww, I’m so glad you feel at home here, Mica! ^_^ Welcome to the Painted Rogue!! I’m sorry it’s taken me a white to get around to replying to comments – it’s been a wild week here at Rogue HQ..


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