Beauty Influencers’ Sunday Column, Vol. 4 – Ambassadors: Time To Level Up Speechcraft and Diplomacy!

Greetings from a stalwart party of beauty adventurers, fellow rogues! 😀


BISC Vol.4

If you could be a brand ambassador for a makeup company, what brand would it be and why?

BISC Vol.4

SARA | Germany | Color Me Loud
I haven’t given it a thought if I could be a good brand ambassador but if I would work with one company, that would be one of my top three brands, Tom Ford, Suqqu or Burberry. These are the brands I see growing in the future and deliver consistent quality. I am a little afraid though that everyone who goes before cameras for Tom Ford has to get naked *chuckle* just joking.

SYL | New Zealand | The Painted Rogue
You know what…I don’t think I can decide on one! There are many brands I admire and enjoy for various combinations of reasons, but I don’t actually know enough about any of them fundamentally (their principles, practices, etc) to want to put my own face and name to their brand. I think it would only happen if I had my own makeup brand, actually! :-D

DEE | Canada | How Does Dee Do It
I’ve  been a legitimately big fan of many of Sephora’s recent products and I really like how they’ve rebranded themselves in terms of their quality and variety of offerings in the past 2 years or so. I’ve bought a LOT of their products and I haven’t had a single dud yet! Plus their customer service rocks. So I think I’d have a boat load of fun being an ambassador for them. :)

ERIN | USA | Clever Girl Reviews
My choice would be NARS. They are cruelty-free and ethnically inclusive! They also offer a range of colors so all tastes are represented!

MELISSA | Switzerland | Kiss & Make-up
Tough question. There are so many brands that I love, all for different reasons. But one brand that I can really identify with is Make Up For Ever. They’re not afraid of color, they don’t shy away from extremes and they think outside the box. I respect that. It’s just a really fun brand, ya know. And creative. And ballsy! I like to think that I too am creative, fun and ballsy. At least when it comes to make-up ;-)

JAA | USA/Thailand | Hello Jaa
I shouldn’t have asked this question because I am having a hard time deciding myself! I’d like to say VERSO because I love all the science behind their products but then I realized they are not really a makeup brand! :) I think I’ll go with MAC Cosmetics because it would be so much fun to present and play with new makeup collections all the time! They have some really nice, good-quality, and affordable staple-worthy products in the line-up, too. Their MUAs are also talented, professional, and friendly which are the type of people I want to be working with. :)

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There you have it, adventurers! If you could be the ambassador for any makeup brand, which one would it be? Or would it be your own?! 😀

Until next time, don’t forget to check for traps!




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