They’ll never see her coming: A forest-style mani that’ll have you green with… well… something.

Guess who’s back? Back again. Ooly’s back. Tell a friend.

Things have thawed a bit in my icy part of the world. The mountain forests are a little less white and a little more green, and I’m back to setting tree-traps. Just as well, too: my stock of dry firewood is running down. Baz, my polar bear co-cave-habitant and sometime housekeeper, is a darling, but also a total sucker for having a fire going all day. I swear, he’ll dive for fish in the frozen lake, but when he wants to be warm and dry? Gods help me if I want to get near that hearth to roast the dinner.

Anyway. I saw Syl’s fabulous icy manicure and thought to myself, “You know, Ooly, now that things are defrosting, you should do a forest one, as camouflage. Be perfect for your latest recon in warmer climes. They’ll never see you coming.” Because clearly, in this ranger’s world, the nails make the mission. If I’m properly manicured, I aim better. Fact.

So I dug out some of my less-used colours and a brush, and while Baz dusted the ammo shelf, I got to work.


Forest camouflage manicure

Forest camo manicure: it isn’t easy being green. Or, apparently, photographing it.


In this look, we have:

* OPI “What Wizardry Is This?” (brassy taupe liquid sand from the Oz collection) in one generous coat

* Butter London “British Racing Green” applied messy-style & semi-dry to tips, using a fine brush

* Zoya Fleck Effect Top Coat in “Opal” (you’ve all seen the lichen I’m talking about, right? RIGHT?)

No top coat, because I like it rough.

Wait. That came out wrong.

Moving right along… Have a picture of the ingredients!


Forest camouflage manicure

Eat your greens: forest camo in two and a half bottles.


And some more gratuitous pics of the forest look.


Forest camouflage manicure

Practical in all types of forest lighting.


Overall, I was pretty pleased with this result, considering it falls into my #harebrainedexperimentation category. But Ooly, doesn’t it look like your nails have grown mold? Well… in some light, yeah, it kinda does. But it’s far more wearable than I expected. Plus, it’s shiny AND practical, so I won’t get teased by all the other rangers.

Well, folks, now my camo’s sorted, I’ll be off on another excursion into parts unexplored (because Gods know painting my nails doesn’t pay). Hedge mazes, forested corners, vast expanses and formidable lakes. And not getting caught by the owners of the place, who are not known for their patience. Looking forward to possible golden treasure and maybe some roasted swan…

Until I return, good hunting. And always look up.

Hooray for more Ooly, and sparkly manicures (also, roasted swan?)! If you’d like to see more of Ooly’s manicure magic and rangery wisdom, check out her toxically adorable toadstool manicure!

Until next time, fellow adventurers, don’t forget to check for traps!


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