Tales of Adventure from the Beauty Spotlight Team! Blood Reds, Sneaky Lashes and How to Eat 13 Desserts in One Sitting!

Greetings from the feasting table in the tavern, fellow rogues!

How are things, fellow adventurers?  First off, I’d like to apologise to my fellow BST ladies for the lateness of this post – we had an internet blackout here at Rogue HQ (damn giant spiders) over the last day or so, naturally right when I wanted to post it. So here it is, slightly late, but ready for your Monday viewing pleasure! There’s lots of awesome packed into it, so make sure you check it out! 😀

Secondly, I want to thank everyone who’s sticking with me through this period of somewhat reduced posting and late comment replies. I love you all so much for putting up with me, and when I’ve finally vanquished the Thesisbeast, things will return to normal! ❤ (These things take an amazingly long time to just get the %&$# out of your life…)

What does a group of adventurers do after a long week of successful questing? Why, they gather in the tavern to feast and tell tales of their adventures of course! Grab a tankard of mead, friends, and settle in!



Inglot Freedon System two Pan Palette with Blue (#95) and Purple (#99) lipsticks

PURPLE LIPSTICKS OMGWTFBBQ ARRGHSQUEE! Uh, yes. Purple Lipstick. *cough* This will be coming to the blog in a couple of days as this week’s post! 😀


The Tom Ford Lip Color Matte Gift Set is what lipstick dreams are made of, and Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog believes that it is the ultimate luxury gift for lipstick enthusiasts!

Are you a perfume buff? Still looking for a present for someone in your life? Come join Mostly Sunny’s awesome Atelier Cologne Ecrin Absolu giveaway!

Who doesn’t love a good beauty hack? Find out how Jessika from polish insomniac turns a problem glitter into nail art using Q-tips!

Still searching for the perfect gift for that hard- to- buy- for person? Enter to win Prime Beauty’s L’Occitane 13 Desserts of Provence giveaway, it’s the ideal gift for everyone!

Struggling for gift ideas? Beauty Info Zone has a lot of ideas including 5 Limited Edition items that are sure to please.

Pammy Blogs Beauty‘s Holiday Gift Guide continues with her review of a few gorgeous sets from L’Occitane!

The struggle is real! Phyrra brings you The Simple Guide to False Lashes. Wearing falsies has never been easier!

Covergirl has released a new mascara called Full Lash Bloom and Perilously Pale thinks it may just be her new everyday favourite.

Afraid of red lipstick? 15 Minute Beauty has the solution with her list of easy to wear reds. Maybe you’ll find the perfect one at last.

Does your job or hobby make makeup tricky? Laboratories certainly can! Never fear, though – The Painted Rogue has you covered with her Beauty Tips for Awkward Lab Workplaces! What are your tips and stories? 😀


Until next time, don’t forget to check for traps!



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