Move Over Smaug! Phyrra’s Eyeshadow Stash is the Hottest Hoard in all the Land!



Greetings from the shining mountain of Phyrra’s eyeshadow stash, fellow adventurers!


Some people are goo hoarders, but Courtney is an eyeshadow lover. Check out her eyeshadow hoard at!

(While you’re over there you can also appreciate her gorgeous hair, awesome makeup looks, her indie brand insights and her dedication to cruelty free beauty! Also, poodles).


Until next time, don’t forget to check for traps!




5 thoughts on “Move Over Smaug! Phyrra’s Eyeshadow Stash is the Hottest Hoard in all the Land!

  1. I love Phyrra! She and I are friends (don’t be jealous) and it’s always great fun talking to her.

    This is OT, but I wanted to know if you knew of a good website that lets you log in and play video games? I don’t have a TV and buying an video game console would be too expensive. I would rather just pay a fee to have access to a website.


    • Phyrra is pretty damn awesome πŸ™‚ That’s so cool that you know her!

      Hm, it depends what sort of games you want to play, really? I know of several different ones, several of which are actually free (or at least, for all intents and purposes). What sort of games are you after?


      • If you’re keen for a bit of dark isometric RPG action, you might check out Path of Exile! It’s free to play (with new content coming out periodically), and is an indie online game developed by a group here in Middle Earth, actually. I’ve played the whole way through the initial campaign, and it’s pretty good! I did co-op with the wizard, and it is an MMORPG, but I’ve also played it single player.

        Failing that, if you’re prepared to stand up to whatever the going price of Guild Wars 2 is these days (the game was ~$70 NZD when I bought it like two years ago), then the ongoing, regularly updated, and extremely fun MMORPG (I play single player anyway) has no subscription fee and runs on my ancient PC just fine. Otherwise, there are sites like Kongregate, which have zillions of smaller, varied, games (also free).


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