The Perfect Purple Treasure: HG Goodies with Laura Mercier Amethyst and African Violet!

Greetings from the site of another(?!) Holy Grail, fellow rogues!

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a blogging rogue in possession of a large pile of loot must be in want of time to review it all.

As part of my continuing quest to make it through all the lovely things I collected in Dubai, I’m bringing you a rather special, shiny pair of treasures today! Laura Mercier was a brand I was *very* keen indeed to get my rogueish little mitts on, and I was fortunate to be able to amass a tidy collection of pretty, wearable pinky purple things from it. I have already reviewed the pinky lip things here, and today we’re tackling the purple eye loot! Yes, I know what you’re thinking: ‘Syl, you have so many purple eye-related things already! Now there are more?!’ to which I would gleefully reply: ‘DUH!’ (I’d try for something more eloquent and polite, but, come on – it’s purple we’re talking about here! ;-)).

Although I’d had my eye on probably half the Laura Mercier line before I went to Dubai, there were a couple of things in particular that sparked my interest. One was the famous African Violet eyeshadow that I’d seen in assorted LM palettes on the venerable Temptalia, and the other was the Amethyst Caviar Stick that I’d seen on Sunny’s beautiful blog. Accordingly, these were the first two items I hunted down.

Laura Mercier African Violet Eyeshadow Amethyst Caviar Stick Review and Swatches

Lura Mercier Loot! Eyeshadow single in African Violet, and the Caviar Stick in Amethyst…

First up, let’s take a look at the glittering, golden pinky lavender that is African violet:

Laura Mercier African Violet Eyeshadow Amethyst Caviar Stick Review and Swatches

The rogue rummaged around in the corner of the dungeon, finding a grate with a broken statue, many spiders, and a mysterious, shiny brown chest…


Although I considered several gorgeous palettes that contained this shadow, it was most economical for me to just buy the single I was interested in. I don’t have many shadow singles (I think the only others are a red KIKO one and the brown Lancome one I use to do my brows, off the top of my head), but I’m glad to add this one to the roster, as I see it getting a lot of use! The packaging is a sleek, slightly purpled dark brown colour, and is…well, a totally normal eyeshadow single compact. Sometimes, a treasure chest is just a treasure chest, fellow adventurers!

Laura Mercier African Violet Eyeshadow Amethyst Caviar Stick Review and Swatches

Flipping her lockpicks deftly back into her jerkin pocket after opening the mysterious chest, the rogue marvelled at the wondrous shininess obscured by the mysterious, inscribed inner cover..


Inside the compact is the eyeshadow in a square pan, covered with the usual clear plastic slip. I removed this, and instantly lost it. I’m not too cut up about it, but there is a part of me that hates to lose pieces of things, no matter how useless… *twitch* 😉

Laura Mercier African Violet Eyeshadow Amethyst Caviar Stick Review and Swatches

Having removed the sheath, the rogue cautiously approached the shinies, alert for any trap…and admiring her stylish pants in the large, clear mirror that occupied the chest’s lid…


Let’s just take a look at this gorgeous little slice of purple shininess, shall we?


Laura Mercier African Violet Eyeshadow Amethyst Caviar Stick Review and Swatches

Ooh… one kind of raking light. Here it looks more silvery/lavender…

Laura Mercier African Violet Eyeshadow Amethyst Caviar Stick Review and Swatches

Ooh, another kind of raking light! Here it looks a little darker, more warm violet/gold…


African Violet is a shimmering, almost-glittery-but-not-quite eyshadow with a smooth texture and light to buildable pigmentation. I don’t want to say ‘sheer’, because it’s not. It doesn’t have that thick, buttery opacity that, say, UD Half Baked does, but then I don’t think that’s the idea.  The name of the product is ‘luster eye colour’ (in an odd mix of English and US spellings), and that’s exactly what it does – it provides a wash of shimmering colour that illuminates the lid, but doesn’t stray into heavy metallic territory. I’m probably explaining this quite badly, so let’s take a look at some swatches! There’s a quick eye look, too, at the bottom of the post.

Laura Mercier African Violet Eyeshadow Amethyst Caviar Stick Review and Swatches

Swatches of African Violet (left) and the Amethyst caviar stick (right). The three pictures are showing the two in varying angles of light, to give an idea of the range of shimmer. As you can see, African Violet isn’t dense, but it ain’t patchy-sheer either!

As you can see in the swatch, African Violet on my skin is more of an African Lavender – a delicate, warm toned lavender with a shimmering light golden overtone. *drools*. I’ve been lusting after this shadow for a long time, friends, and it doesn’t disappoint! 😀 I think it would be perfect for anyone who wants a shadow they can just sweep over the lid for a casual, easy look, pop into the inner corner or the centre of the lid for a hint of lavender shimmer over another colour or layer onto the lower lash line for an ethereal touch to an eye makeup look. As you might guess, this describes 90% of my daily eye makeup. The other 10% is, of course, this.

Laura Mercier African Violet Eyeshadow Amethyst Caviar Stick Review and Swatches

In another corner of the same dungeon: more broken statues in crates and a mysterious brown log! No, it’s not what you just thought… (fortunately)

The Caviar Stick somes in a sleek, swivel-up pen format, with a click on lid, in the same colour as the eyeshadow compact. Helpfully, the back end of the pen shows the colour of the shade inside.

Laura Mercier African Violet Eyeshadow Amethyst Caviar Stick Review and Swatches

Two domes: one rogueish, hooded head, one caviar stick in Amethyst…


As you can see in the picture above and the swatch photo, Amethyst is…well…brownwithlavendershimmerovertones. It’s really quite hard to describe, actually! 😀 At first swatch you’re like ‘oh. It’s…kind of a mahogany brown?’ and the visions of glittering purple geodes vanish from your mind. On closer inspection, however, you notice the ethereal purple shimmer that accompanies the brown, and your interest is reawakened… (well, assuming you like ethereal purple shimmer, but, I mean, who doesn’t?).  The swatches are shown again below, for your convenience…

Laura Mercier African Violet Eyeshadow Amethyst Caviar Stick Review and Swatches

Swatches of African Violet (left) and the Amethyst caviar stick (right). The three pictures are showing the two in varying angles of light, to give an idea of the range of shimmer.

Amethyst has two very important features: firstly, it’s is almost offensively wearable and easy to work with. You can use it as an all over shadow, You can use it as a liner. You can smoodge the edges out, or not as you like. It doesn’t smear, It doesn’t feel tight. The colour is never too much, but holds its own. If only all paladins were so versatile! Secondly, this thing wears like IRON on me. Seriously – even without primer (my lids aren’t especially oily), I wore this for FOURTEEN HOURS, two of which were intense, sweaty ballet, and when I looked in the mirror at the end of the day the caviar stick on my lash line was *perfect*. Not just ‘decent’, not just ‘respectable’, but *perfect*. I’m almost ready to start looking for sorcery here, people. Bring me a mage! I need an Arcana check! Melissa? Where are you?! 😉

Essentially what I’m saying here is that Amethyst is phenomenal. It’s basically entered my daily routine, and competes even with the great and mighty UD Demolition. Obviously, they are two different kinds of product (Demolition is a matte dark brown pencil eyeliner), so one won’t replace the other, but I now have two things I reach for on a daily basis, and for me, that’s impressive! Yep, Amethyst is officially in my adventuring essentials kitbag, with newly minted HG status! 

Now, how about a look? This is a quick look I happened to take some photos of (does anyone other than a beauty blogger ‘happen’ to take photos of eye makeup?) – one that I tossed on on a Sunday to wear to ballet. I was in the mood for something a little ‘undone’, but still ethereal and pretty – kind of like a Bard who had a big gig on Saturday night, but still wants to look put together for her visit to Corellon’s temple the next morning. Accordingly, I have dubbed it ‘The Sunday Morning Rockbard’…

Laura Mercier African Violet Eyeshadow Amethyst Caviar Stick Review and Swatches

Why can’t I take pictures of both of my eyes together where I don’t look like I’m in a trance? Mysteries, mysteries…

I cropped my brows off because I’m just that little bit extra lazy, and don’t tidy them before ballet always. The eyebrow stubble isn’t noticeable until you take closeup photos… speaking of which, I should mention that these were taken on a mobile device, as the camera was out of commission, hence the lower quality. Hopefully, you can still see what I was going for! 😀

This makeup look took me literally two minutes. I cannot stress how effortless and versatile these two products are… I love both of them, and all in all I’m very, very pleased with my Laura Mercier goodies. I was very excited about the brand, and it has entirely lived up to my expectations – in the case of the longevity of Amethyst – far surpassed it! I can most definitely recommend these two products, if you’re in the market for some ethereal purple goodness! Honestly, I kind of want to collect ’em all with those caviar sticks… *sigh*


What do you think, fellow adventurers? Have you tried any of Laura Mercier’s eyeshadows or caviar sticks? What’s your favourite effortless eye makeup? How much do you love ethereal, shimmering purple things NO IT’S NOT A LOADED QUESTION, NO, NOT AT ALL?

The practicalities: Laura Mercier eyeshadow singles cost US$24 each for 2.26 g / 0.09 oz, and the Caviar Sticks cost US$28 each for 1.4 g /0.05 oz. Both of these shades  are permanent, and may be acquired from Laura Mercier counters in the US, Europe and Dubai, as well as from and (the links aren’t affiliate, just here for your convenience!).

Until next time, fellow adventurers, don’t forget to check for traps!


I am an adventuring rogue, not a mercenary for hire, and as such, all opinions expressed here are my own, based on a genuine fondness for/interest in this product. If you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to pin your parchment to the board (contact me) at thepaintedrogue [at] gmail [dot] com., or use the contact form provided! All images and text on this blog are the property of The Painted Rogue unless otherwise stated. If you nick off with any of it, be prepared to find that your morning hot beverage tastes a little…different than usual. Didn’t the rogue say something the other day about that new poison that makes your innear ear itch maddeningly for the rest of your life? I think she did…

57 thoughts on “The Perfect Purple Treasure: HG Goodies with Laura Mercier Amethyst and African Violet!

    • Hi Rachel! 😀 I love your avatar so much, LOL!

      As an only-recent convert to LM, I can definitely say it was worth taking the plunge for me! It’s kind of lucky that there aren’t any LM counters here, or I’d be in real trouble…

      High fives for a fellow purple shadow lover! 😀


  1. Hey Syl, I have Amethyst and I love it, too! I’ve been eyeing African Violet. I’m just not sure about purchasing it as a single. Maybe they’ll put it in their holiday palette again? 😉 Eyeshadow sticks are definitely my favorite way of doing lazy makeup, and the LM formula is one of my favorites!


    • Heh, I think they put it in nearly every palette, don’t they? 😉 I really wanted to get the Spring Artist’s Palette (with the navy blue shadow and the weird spotty packaging), but it was just too expensive (bearing in mind that I wanted to buy a troll-load of things from other brands). If I’d just been after LM with all of my allocated funds, then I probably would have gotten a palette 😉

      Sunnyy, you’re where I got my Amethyst inspiration from, girl! Didn’t you see the link? 😛


  2. Hi Syl,
    I’ve been stealth enjoying your blog and enjoying it much do I. 🙂 I always loved African Violet in the big palettes and that one shade is always the most appealing. I always bypassed the big palettes but hey, how very silly not to just buy the single?! Ha! Well, you are a smarty pants!


    • Yay! Belly! I have been in stealth on your blog too, LOL! Welcome to being out of stealth on the Painted Rogue! 🙂

      Hehe, I’m not sure if it has anything to do with smarts, or whether it’s more to do with budget, but I think sometimes we forget in this maelstrom of shiny palettes that singles are a good option if you really like just one shade! But I’ll totally claim smarts *puts on smarty pants*. Now I have an image of a hoop-waisted pair of clown trousers covered in Smarties…


  3. I am here, I am here! *quickly adjust her robe and polishes up her wand while rushing to Syl* I swear though, I have nothing to do with the perfect perfection of that caviar stick’s wear! I can’t take credit.


    • Hehe, I have this image of you arriving in a poof of smoke and sparkles. It’s OK, I just need an arcana check to make sure it’s not enchanted with something other than long wear. I mean, you’ve got to be careful about the enchatnments you put on your eyes, you know…


  4. I have Amethyst and love it 🙂 I am waiting for another Artist Palette that will hopefully have African Violet in it, as I do want to try that! It always looks so pretty.


    • Woop! High fives for another Amethyst fan! 🙂 The artist palettes are so much more than tempting, I han hardly even. If I’d had just a little more in my gold purse, I probably would have gotten that most recent one! As it is, I have my eyeball on Deep Night. It’s on the rogue watchlist, and if another palette with that comes out when my gold purse is feeling fatter…. well… 😛


  5. I was going to squee about how beautifully those brownish-gold purples suit your eyes, but then I remembered that *every* color suits your eyes. 🙂 Still, I do think these shades set off the blue especially well. I like that Amethyst is more understated than a traditional purple–I have a Kiko eyeshadow stick in bright shimmery purple and almost never wear it because it’s just so ROCKBARD! on my face. (By the way, if you ever get a chance to try the Kiko eyeshadow sticks, you really should! They also wear like iron.)


    • HA! That’s because you have never seen me try to wear orangey bronzes! 😀 But I’ll take the compliment, roll around iadoringly n it a little bit, and then put it on the shelf where I can see it while I’m doing my makeup 😀 You’re bad for my ego…

      I’ve heard so many good things about the KIKO eyeshadow sticks! I wish the brand would come here – I think it’d do really well, actually, as it has the right combo of affordable price point and lots of bright colours. Might give MAC a run for its money, hah!


  6. Hello, I’m new to your blog. I have to say, great post! I love the look you made paired with the color of your eyes! I recently purchased the LM Caviar Stick in Amethyst and I am blown away by it. I had very high expectations for the product before I tired it, and it exceeded them! I’ve also had LM African Violet on my wishlist for a while, now.


    • Welcome to the Painted Rogue, Audrey! 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed my ramblings, and commented – I love comments more than is probably reasonable 😛

      So glad you’re loving Amethyst, and that it lived up to your expectations too! It’s always lovely when that happens – warm makeup fuzzies can be quite rare, really. I hope you get the chance to try African Violet – fortunately, LM puts it in most of the palettes, so if a single isn’t really your bag, there should be lots of opportunities to get it with other loot 🙂


    • *highfives* for a fellow purple lover, and welcome to the Painted Rogue! 😀 You’re going to fit in here well with that attitude, LOL! 😉

      I totally want to own all the caviar sticks now. It’s terrible. The addiction has taken root…


  7. I have amethyst! came along with a few other things when I bought one of the travel cases. It does not look half as good on me as it does on you! somehow my shinbone makes everything umm dull? no purple for sure! Ill try layering it on something may be? But I do love the texture and pigmentation and absolutely love Laura Mercier! 🙂


      • LOL, I was puzzling over that, and then I saw your second comment pop up and thought ‘aha!’ 😀 I have autocorrects that constantly want to make ‘Syl’ into ‘sex’….

        Well, at least there are lots of pretty shades in the Caviar Stick line…and many of them are pretty neutrals…I know how you like neutrals… (LOL, LM should pay me). I’m not sure where to start with what I’d like to get next, but Orchid and Rose Gold are pretty high up there…that’s not to forget Plum and Sapphire though… *drools*


    • Hi Jenny! Thank you, and welcome to the Painted Rogue! 😀

      Delicate, ethereal shimmery purples and bronzes are such a winning combo for many eye colours, I think! Doesn’t hurt that they’re appropriate for both Autumn and Spring (IMO), so no matter which hemisphere you in you still win, LOL 😀


    • Aww yeah… that feeling of having extra gold in your purse…weighty, glittering…and ready to be exchanged for makeup, cookies, lockpicks and pointe shoes. Well, for me. And not necessarily in that order. 😉

      Bring all the purple, girl! These two are a rather spiffy place to start! 😀



      *surreptitiously motions you to keep making compliments as much as you like* LOL! 😀

      Oh, I hear you on the tricky purples. I tend to have more trouble with matte, darker purples, as I can slip easily from ‘smoky eye’ to ‘OMGNOSFERATULIVES!’. That’s one of the reasons I like shimmery eyeshadows so much! 😉

      If you like Amethyst, you should be OK. It’s more bronzy than it is overtly purple (I thought the name was a bit deceptive when I first saw Sunny review it! :-P). African Violet is the more realistically purple one…


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  9. I am in love with Amethyst! Definitely something I’ll be looking at the next time I pass a LM store. How was African Violet’s staying power though? It’s a beautiful shade in the pan, but I find mine doesn’t last longer than four hours or so, even with a primer! =(


    • Hm… African Violet’s staying power was about average for me, which is ten hours with a primer. However, I have relatively dry lids, except for the odd random oily lid day, where I can usually only get 6 or so hours out of a shadow. The one thing I did like was that it only creased, but didn’t disappear, so I could smear it back over my lid and it still looked pretty OK!

      But eyeshadow wears quite a long time on me (which is why I don’t often mention wear times for it unless something was really epic or really atrocious, LOL!)..


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  11. African Violet is stunning, and it looks wonderful on you! I was going to purchase it from just seeing these swatches, as I am also fair with blue eyes. I didn’t see it online at sephora, though. 😦 Odd. Guess I’ll have to make an order from LM in the near future!


    • Welcome to the Painted Rouge, Laur! Aww, sorry to hear it’s MIA at Sephora! Hopefully you’ll get the chance there or on the LM website soon 🙂

      ROFL, I spent 14 hours in an aeroplane and went to the other side of the world to get my LM stuff, so I can’t really talk. #obsessed


  12. Whilst I haven’t tried LM’s eyeshadows I most certainly have tried and bought not one, not two but five of the caviar sticks! What can I say? I just LOVES ’em! Not only are they easy to put on but, as you’ve already noted, they last for HOURS. Mine have lasted fourteen hours too, also without primer. I can’t say enough good things about these sticks and would definitely get them again when they run out.


    • Welcome to the Painted Rogue, Denise! 😀 Woop woop! I wanna be like you and Sunny someday and have a beautiful little caviar stick collection! High fives for the 14 hour wear. It’s just incredible!

      Which colour is your favourite? Do you have your eye on any new shades for your collection? 🙂


      • I currently have khaki, rose gold, sugar frost, sand glow and seashell but would be hard pressed to name a favourite – they are all lovely.
        I may have to add amethyst to my wish list (hearing distant sounds of a wallet whimpering…).EEP!


  13. Welcome to the Amethyst club!!! ;D I’ve been (ab)using this thing almost everyday for the last 5 months! So weird that I can never get tired of it! Normally I can’t wear the same thing longer than a week so that speaks a lot about my love for it. ❤ I agree that it's difficult to describe the color. LOL. With different lighting it looks completely different color, too!

    I have African Violet in one of my LM palettes. Another beautiful purple lavender shade! I like that the color payoff isn't so crazy so you can wear it sheerer just like what you did in your eye look (which is oh-so-pretty by the way!). Tell me about cropping photos to get rid of the eyebrow stubble. LOL. I hate taking close-ups of my eyes. Eyebrow stubble EVERYWHERE YIKES! Haha.


    • INORITE?!?! It’s become an everyday staple for me. We need a secret handshake for the Amethyst club. Also maybe a treehouse.

      Eyebrow stubble is a special kind of evil. No matter how thoroughly you think you’ve plucked, I swear some more pop up while you’re getting the camera ready…


  14. I love African Violet in the pan and on others but not so much on me. Had it in a palette and parted with it. (!!!!!!!!! I KNOW.) I have a strange relationship with purple shadows. The palette had a lot of it and I didn’t really enjoy the dusky shades too much. I think maybe a deeper or more vibrant type of purples for me. Anyway, LM is a great brand and I’m glad you got your roguish hands on these goodies. I don’t have a caviar stick yet but I’m not really into stick eye things either, lol.


    • Amethyst is my first stick eye thing! I have pencils (as in, eyeliners and one Nyx Jumbo pencil), byt no twist up things. I kind of wish actually that I could get a big ol’ tub (well, maybe something like a MAC Paint Pot) of Amthyst, to make it easier to schmear all over my eyelid with my finger, but I’m crass like that. The stick is very tidy and quite precise, I’ll give it that!

      I often find (with the exception of palettes full of purples, LOL – every rogue has her weakness!) that palettes are only at about 70% max for me. Usually there are a bunch of neutral-y shades that are either too warm, too matte or too sheersparklyfalloutcityi’llneverwearit, and I’m left wanting only two or three shades out of twelve or more. A case in point is that big Too Faced eyeshadow/blush/bronzer palette for the holidays. I want Totally Fetch, Girly and whatever the bright green eyeshadow is from it, but not much else. There’s other stuff in there that is *nice*, but nothing that really polishes my daggers, as it were. This phenomenon is why I will happily buy singles if I really like a colour…although usually I’ll just spend the money on lipsticks anyway 😉


  15. Such a violet! Such a glowing violet!

    I have African Violet in a palette, but like Liz, I don’t really like it on me. It’s just kind of underwhelming on my lids, especially after gazing at it for such a long time in the pan.

    On you, though, I love it! Maybe it’s because you paired it with that brownwithlavendershimmerovertones; maybe it’s because it brings out the blue in your eyes so wonderfully; maybe it’s because it knows how much I dislike actual african violets…. 😮


    • Heh, you know, I actually had trouble equating African Violet with the actual flower. All the ones I see are really vivid in colour, and this shadow is…not, LOL!

      I think I might be benefiting from being both pink based, and a vampire. I mean, they say pale violet/lavender is supposed to ‘counteract’ yellow tones, so perhaps if your skin is warmer-based it does a weird thing that messes up the effect?

      It certainly benefits from its sister Caviar Stick being nearby. I think they kind of work off each other? I didn’t mean them to work so well together when I bought them, but I’m all for happy accidents! 😀


  16. African Violet is the violet to rule all violets. It’s one of the few (maybe the only one, come to think of it) that doesn’t make me look like I’m exhausted beyond saving or that I’ve been punched in the face!


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  23. Oh, quick tip that may help with the “trance eyes” in the close ups, I’ve found that it makes me look less cross eyed if I slightly unfocus my eyes right before I take a picture. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but it’s kind of like purposefully making whatever you’re looking at out of focus. Hope that maybe helps?


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