Who Do I Want on My Adventuring Team? <3 Blogs I Love, Part 1! <3

Greetings from the heart of a band of true and noble adventurers, fellow rogues!

As you know, the most important part of an adventurous quest is not the loot, all the glittering treasures you clasp to your jerkin as you outrun a dragon’s searing annoyance. It’s not the glory, the foaming tankards of ale that you  throw over your shoulder as you try to master quaffing. It’s not even the frisson of danger, the tingle that keeps you sharp in the face of hidden blade traps and disgruntled drow…  😉

Nope, it’s the band of true and noble adventurers you have at your side: the rogue who disarms the traps and pops up out of nowhere to backstab the orc trying to behead you. The berserker who rampages past, shedding goblin heads like autumn foliage as she cuts through the crowd that threatened to overwhelm you. The cleric who purges the undead from the battlefield in a burst of searing radiance just as that zombie was about to bite your face off. You get the idea – without our friends,  our fellow treasure seekers, we’re faceless, headless, and covered in goblins (no, I didn’t know how to round that off either). 😀

DnD adventuring party

Every adventure is better with stalwart allies. And a birdman, obviously.

On that slightly overwrought note, let me introduce you to a few bloggers that I absolutely adore. As you can see above, this is a ‘Part 1’,  so there are more amazing adventurers to come! I made a little list, and threw the names into a hat, and these were the first 3 that came out. This is also a valid method for putting together your quest party, but of course it helps when you only have the finest quality adventurers in the hat anyway! There’ll be some familiar faces here, but if I manage to introduce even one reader to the magic of these bloggers, that’s treasure enough for me :-).

Click on the photo to visit the corresponding blog!

(P.S. Being a rogue, I shamelessly stole the forthcoming pictures from the blogs in question, but of course they are the property of the respective bloggers! (The one above is mine))

The Sorceress Jaa (Hello Jaa)

The stunning Jaa! Look at those eyeshadow skills. LOOK AT THEM.

Jaa is many different kinds of awesome. She’s a scientist, a beauty blogger, a stellar photographer, and a might-as-well-be-professional webdesigner. Her blog is even bilingual. Because she is so epically, disgustingly multitalented, I have hired her into the party as our sorceress! I figure that whether we need her to summon, fireball or scry, she’ll have us covered! ^_^ The reason you should go immediately and visit her blog, however, is that she’s also a super lovely person. ❤

The (Rock)Bard Rae (the Notice)


Bards are tricky. Some people consider them even to be a specialised flavour of rogue, using music and sass to distract, debuff *and* buff. In Rae’s case: you see that sweet, pretty face with the killer bone structure? That face belies a razor sharp wit, epic makeup skills and rad writing (and possibly untold skill with a lute. I’ve never asked). She entertains, she amazes, and she takes a mean photo. Like our sorceress, she’s also a spiffing person, just to top it all off. ❤

The Battlemage Melissa (Kiss & Make-Up)

Bad. Ass. Ain’t no Mindflayer getting past here…

There’s just no messing with Melissa. She’s another bilingual blogger. Her eyeshadow looks put mine to shame. She casts a mean fireball, and even agreed to do some epic geeky collaborations when a strange rogue emailed her about them. This is the kind of magic person you want on your adventuring team – a charming, geeky mage who can kick serious butt, looking utterly fabulous all the while. ❤


So! Those are the first three adventurers out of my Hat of Awesome. I hope you enjoy (or are already enjoying!) their blogs as much as I do! 😀 Stay tuned for more in upcoming editions of this post…


Until next time, fellow adventurers, don’t forget to check for traps!


I am an adventuring rogue, not a mercenary for hire, and as such, all opinions expressed here are my own, based on a genuine fondness for/interest in this product. If you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to pin your parchment to the board (contact me) at thepaintedrogue [at] gmail [dot] com., or use the contact form provided! All images and text on this blog are the property of The Painted Rogue unless otherwise stated. If you nick off with any of it, watch out for the pixies that come in the night and snap your eyelids against your eyeballs while droning nursery rhymes at you.


34 thoughts on “Who Do I Want on My Adventuring Team? <3 Blogs I Love, Part 1! <3

  1. Lovely post ! Cant wait to see the other parts !

    Great persons here, with genenous and gentle heart. I love their blogs !

    Mélissa is one of the 1st Bblogger who exchanged with me when i made my 1st steps in the adventure of blogging. I’m always happy to see her comments and talk with her.
    Her makeup work is always perfect *-* !
    Her reviews are always very complète and useful. I love her blog.

    Jaa is also one of my favourite bblogger. Love her reviews and her eyemakeups are gorgeous and very inspiring to me as i’m an Asian girl too.

    I’m just discovering Rae and her eye makeups are amazing !

    WondersReviews Recently Posted : [Boy’s Fall LookBook] Back To School w/ Ralph Lauren

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I love Jaa, Rae and Melissa too! Rae is the sweetest person Ive come to know! and Melissa the stunner.. and Jaa the master of it all! love this roundup Syl but you missed out on my Mostest favoritest Syl!! :* :*


  3. Syl! Thank you so much for the love! I am SO happy you emailed me out of the blue back then! You’re the raddest rogue I know and I feel so honored to be on your list.

    P.S.: Let me know if you’re up for another collab!


    • ❤ ❤ ((((((Melissa)))))) 😀 You're more than welcome, of course! Collab needs to happen soon! I'll send you an email, and we shall plot things…. 😀

      It's an honour to be your blogfriendollaborator 😀


  4. GREAT POST!!! I really enjoyed reading it! I agree, every Treasure Seeker must have a trusted “WING MAN”, it is a MUST!!! 😄😄😄. The job would never get done otherwise!!! Also with in regards to the lovely ladies, NEVER doubt the greatness behind those lovely faces! I am not surprised! 😊


    • I know, right? You gotta have people who have your back, whether that’s saving you from a marauding dark paladin, or serving up honest makeup reviews and gorgeous looks, all with grace, style and humour! 😉


  5. OK, Syl, seriously you are being WAY too nice here!!! ❤❤❤

    I’d be happy to be the sorceress!! “summon, fireball or scry” – oh how I wish I had the power to do all of them!!!! Wouldn’t it be SO much fun?!

    Seriously, Syl. I’m beyond glad that I found your blog. You are a gem. You are one of the kindest, most considerate, and genuine person I’ve ever met in the blogging community. Not to mention you are OMFGSOEFFINGHILARIOUSANDEXTREMELYKNOWLEDGEABLE!!! I hope to one day meet you in person so we can talk our nerdy science-y stuff while makeup shopping! Haha. Let’s meet somewhere else besides NZ, though. I don’t think I can afford buying any makeup there. LOL!

    Rae has the best cheekbone structure! OMG! That’s what drew me to her blog in the first place! I also love her sense of humor and how she’s not afraid to say the product is crap. She tells it like it is! Brutal at times but sometimes that’s what we need to hear! Her writing style is excellent, too!

    Melissa… oh Melissa… she has the best I-don’t-give-a-*** attitude!!! LOL. I admire her! I wish I could be as fierce! There’s no need to talk about her makeup skills because it is out of this world, far and beyond. I do get inspired by her looks very often! It’s always fun to see collaborating posts between the two of you (yes, please do it again soon!).

    Thank you so much once again, Syl! This means a lot to me and I hope you know it. I LUV U!!!


    I hope you can hug me back with both arms this time!!!! LOL!


    • (((((((((((((((((((((((((Jaa)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

      (I didn’t count those :-P)

      You deserve all the praise my humble rogueish self can heap on you 😉 Thus, I heaped!

      We MUST go makeup shopping at some point. In the biggest Sephora the US has to offer, potentially. Although, I have to admit I kind of imagine the US makeup shopping experience was kind of a department store, the different levels of which are basically: ‘Walgreens/Ulta…Sephora…Nordstrom’ and you walk around surfing for awesome indie brands while in there.

      Because, clearly, that’s what you have, right? ;-D


  6. Screw it, I’m commenting again. I’m allowed to. Because, you know, I’m on your list and all. I can’t believe how nice everyone’s being. You of course, Syl, but also everyone in the comments. And it’s actually kind of funny, too, because yesterday a fellow blogger sent me some questions for an interview and she asked me to name of few of my favorite blogs as well, and thinking about it really made me realize how many awesome people I’ve met thanks to blogging. And then this morning again with this post, bam, another emo trip! 🙂


    • Hehe, you can comment as much as you want 🙂 You totally should believe how nice everyone’s being, because you totally deserve it! ❤

      You're really good at what you do, and I think it's only right that you be acknowledged for that ^_^ I know you have lots of good readers already, but I can't ever promote my talented friends enough, even if my voice is a small one, from a dark corner – no, over there. Behind the half-orc with the nasty scimitar.

      No, the *other* half orc with the nasty scimitar. Yes, there are a lot of these guys around this tavern… 😉


  7. These 3 are some of the best bloggers out there! I’ve known Rae’s blog even before I started mine and she has the most beautiful skin, I swear! Melissa creates the most amazing and wearable looks I’ve seen (maybe because most have corals in them? LOL. You know me, I’m a coral lover.) And Jaa, man, her reviews are always spot-on, so detailed and all. Can’t say enough wonderful things about these girls.

    Wonder who you’ll pick next. Can’t wait! 🙂


  8. O HAI! This is the best link love I have ever gotten, Syl — thank you so much ❤ ❤ ❤ I would go adventuring with you any day!

    But I have no secret hidden lute skills to speak of, unfortunately. I wonder if maybe Jaa does? I feel like she's the kind of sorceress who would hide secret hidden lute skills from us. 😛


    • ❤ ❤ ❤ You're more than welcome! Bloggy friends are the best – someday we need to all go on a massive makeup (window) shopping trip together. Somewhere. Somehow… *looks into distance, soulfully*

      It's OK about the lute. Just hand over the cheekbones and we'll call it even, m'kay?


    • You have not yet encountered the glory of Jaa or Melissa?!?

      *light shines down from heavens, illuminating Crusader Syl*

      I have succeeded in my quest!

      *angel chorus, etc, etc.*

      (for some reason, all the angels are holding eyeshadow palettes…)


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