The Beauty Spotlight Team: Advanced Stealth for Multitasking Rogues with 15 Minute Beauty!


Beauty Spotlight Team 15 Minute Beauty favorite-concealers


Greetings from deepest stealth, fellow rogues!

We all need a little bonus to our stealth rolls from time to time – this goes double if you’re a typical rogue, trying to do all the things at once – scout ahead, disarm that scythe blade trap, backstab that skeletal necromancer, etc. Today is your lucky day, however – we have all the pro concealer tips from a true connoisseur!

Christine from 15 Minute Beauty is a busy lady.  She works full time, has a blog and a family.  She gets phone calls all night long for work, not to mention restless nights of sleep because of pregnancy issues!  It should come as no surprise that she has more concealer than a Sephora store.


Until next time, don’t forget to check for traps!




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