Night of 1001 Rogues: The Sleek Arabian Nights Smoke and Shadows Eyeshadow Palette!

Greetings from the glittering desert night, fellow rogues!

So, I’m a huge fan of many things ‘Arabian’ – I love the history of the Middle East (to the point of having an entire university degree in Egyptology/Near Eastern history), I think Arabic calligraphy and Islamic art and architecture are just about some of the spiffiest you’ll find anywhere, it’s not possible for me to get enough of Middle Eastern food, and I have been lucky enough to travel not un-extensively in that part of the world! Their maths and science even helped haul Europe out of the Dark Ages (much as you might feel otherwise about this as you learn algebra?) ;-).

When I saw, therefore, that Sleek had released a limited edition eyeshadow palette entitled ‘Arabian Nights Smoke and Shadows’…well! Sleek has some of the best international shipping rates I’ve ever seen (~$4 from the UK to NZ?!?!), I’ve heard so many good things about their eyeshadows, and DID I MENTION IT’S THE ARABIAN NIGHTS PALETTE? *cough* sorry. Sometimes this rogue gets a little carried away over certain treasures…I mean, I can, in fact, recite the script of Disney’s Aladdin verbatim (including all the songs).

Sleek Arabian NIghts Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

What’s this palette artefact all about then? Well, it’s a limited edition offering based on the tales of the 1001 Nights, a collection of arabic myths, legends, and folk tales that has been around since about the 9th Century. The basic premise is that there’s a bitter and hypermisogynistic Sultan who takes as his latest  wife one Scheherazade, the daughter of his vizier. Since he’s been killing off all his previous wives after their wedding night (so that he’d get their virginity but they could never be unfaithful to him – yes, just as messed up as it sounds), Scheherazade devises the plan of telling him a thrilling story before bed, but leaving it on a cliffhanger! Her unfolding and interconnected stories manage to get her through 1001 nights, by which time the Sultan has gotten over his issues and decides not to murder her. Don’t you just love romantic, happy endings? ^_^

Sleek Arabian NIghts Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Packaging: sturdy and…sleek!
Ba-DUM-tish!! (I’ll be here ’til Thursday! Try the moutabbel!)

Some stories you may associate with with the 1001 Nights, such as Aladdin and Sinbad, are not actually part of the original set, but are other, standalone Middle Eastern folk tales that were added to the anthology by – believe it or not – a Frenchman named Galland in the 18th Century. As I go through the colours below, I thought I’d try and take a stab at associating each shade with its 1001 Nights story. Ready to dive into the vally of diamonds, fellow adventurers? (Who wouldn’t be, based on that name?).

Sleek Arabian NIghts Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Using the light available to me and my limited camera skillz, there was no way to avoid the glare on that plastic sheet…

Let’s dive straight in, shall we? The palette comes in a sleek (oh Gods…) black case with a truly ferocious clasp – you need have no fear of this popping open in your bag (it’s the perfect travel size and weight), but if you have just manicured your nails, you may with to reach for another instrument from your kitbag to jimmy this thing open. Rogues with trap disarming tools will probably have something, so if you’re rocking another class, ask a nearby thief ;-). Inside is a plastic sheet with the names, a generous mirror, twelve gloriousy coloured eyeshadows and a token double ended sponge crapplicator (I love you, Rae!).

In terms of specifics:

Sleek Arabian NIghts Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Scheherazade’s Tale, Gold Souk and Aladdin’s Lamp. The last one is more taupey in real life, but…cameras and fluorescently pale skin and daylight, you know? 😛

Scheherazade’s Tale is a shimmering, light peachy pinkish ‘base sheen’ or ‘edge blending’ or ‘browbone’ type of colour. This type of thing, like my usual favourite UD Sin makes a great, easy ‘toss it on the lid, add mascara/liner and go’ shade. It’s is super smooth and buttery, with solid pigmentation. The name makes it pretty obvious what this shade is about! 😉

Gold Souk is a sheer, glittery gold. Although I didn’t have any fallout problems with this, and I love how the glitteriness ties into the name without being OMG GLITTER WTF, if you’re looking for a gold eyeshadow with the pigmentation of, say UD Half-Baked, this is not it. This is more of a ‘sheer wash of sparkle’ kind of shade – useful in its own way, and really pretty. The name I couldn’t specifically find in the 1001 Nights – obviously, gold crops up a fair bit, and there are many famous gold souks in the Middle East (both modern and ancient), but I think this is more ‘flavour text’ than a specific reference. If you know otherwise, though, let me know!

Aladdin’s Lamp is a smooth, shimmering, cool taupe brown shade. It’s buttery and pigmented, and the kind of shde that is pretty much essential to an everyday eyeshadow wardrobe (well, if you’re wearing neutrals every day). It’s great in the crease, it’s great on the lash line, it’s great all over the lid! If you have more than one eyeshadow, you probably have something in the same colour family, but it’s a fantastic shade. The name is probably familiar to most of you, but what you may not know is that (as I mentioned above) Aladdin is not part of the original 1001 Nights! It was added to the collection of tales by 18th C anthologist and translator Antoine Galland. This doesn’t make it any less awesome, however.

Sleek Arabian NIghts Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Sultan’s Garden (left) and Hocus Pocus (right). You see what I mean about Sultan’s Garden kind of being a less impressive version of Hocus Pocus? Weird…

Sultan’s Garden is a difficult shade, and probably the worst in the palette. I’m sorry to be blunt, but it always makes me sad when there’s a fabulous palette with lovely texture and pigmentation generally, and then there’s this shade with an awesome colour and cool duchrome effect, and it had a stiff texture and ‘meh’ pigmentation. Having said that, this smoky forest green with gold/turquoise duochrome microsparkle is still worth using – you just need to use it on the lash lines, for smoking out the edges of things, or maybe for wetting and making into liner (I haven’t tried this yet). The sparkle in it really is glorious, but I wish they’d made it fully pigmented! As for the name, I’m wondering if this might refer to the Story of the Speaking Bird! Other than that, there are quite a few sultans in the tales, so…

Hocus Pocus is an AMAZING, smooth, forest green with turquoise shimmer. Really, this is kind of what I wanted Sultan’s Garden to be a smoky version of. It’s a jewel-tone shade that really works with the theme of the palette (IMO) and blends gorgeously with so many of the other colours. The name is a bit random – Hocus Pocus, in terms of referring to magic/sorcery, is definitely inkeeping with the Arabian Nights idea, but the words themselves are a corruption of ‘Hoc est corpus meum’, Latin for ‘this is my body’, the phrase spoken during the holiest part of the Catholic Mass, the consecration. As the phrase moved into alchemy and magic, it became ‘Hocus Pocus’. Not terribly Arabian, but have an interesting factoid anyway! 😀

Sleek Arabian NIghts Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Simbad’s Seas. I just. There are no words. *drools*

Simbad’s Seas OK, so, what you all need to do, right now, is go and buy this palette for this shade alone. Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating, but you’ll know what I mean when you look at the swatch. Something that many makeup companies seem to have trouble doing is produce a saturated, vivid, sapphire blue eyeshadow that isn’t somehow sheer, or chalky, or not actually blue when you swatch it. Sleek has created a masterpiece here, and I would pay the $12 that this palette costs for this shadow alone. Since you also get a whole bunch of other magically awesome shadows with it…well! It’s a dense, buttery, pigmented sapphire blue shimmer – almost a metallic, as the sheen is the same colour. This here is what blue eyeshadow dreams are made of, people. The name refers to the stories of the Adventures of Sinbad (or Simbad, I guess), a sailor who had a lot of very interesting and unusual experiences. As I mentioned above, it’s not technically part of the original 1001 Nights, having been put at the same time as Aladdin. The stories are cool, nevertheless!

Sleek Arabian NIghts Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Genie, Black Magic and Stallion. How cool of a colour is Stallion?

Genie is a coolish dark brown shimmer with a rusty red untertone and a pink sheen to the sparkle.  Does that even make sense? Whatever it is, it’s very dense and smooth, and the contrast of lighter warm undertone with darker cool top tone produces a nice multidimensional effect. The name is the French transliteration of the arabic ‘jinni’ or ‘djinni’. There are at least two tales in the original 1001 Nights that contain one – The Fisherman and the Jinni and the Trader and the Jinni. Of course, Aladdin has one too ;-).

Black Magic is one of those ‘oil slick’ kind of shades. Maybe ‘gunmetal’ might be appropriate too. Basically, it’s a smoky, very dark grey with a generous helping of petrol blue shimmer to it. The shadow is soft and smooth, and although the pigmentation of the underlying grey is not as heavy or even as some other shades, the quantity of the blue shimmer is very generous, and creates a neat two-tone effect. The name is another relatively non-specific one, as ‘black magic’ occurs several times in various tales, but is not usually referred to as such.

Stallion is a smoky, dark plum/burgundy shade. The shadow itself is soft and smooth, although like Black Magic the pigmentation is a bit patchier/lighter than would be ideal. Unlike many of the other shades in the palette, this one is a satin matte, with no shimmer or sparkle whatsoever! The name probably refers to the tale of the Ebony Horse.

Sleek Arabian NIghts Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Sorcerer, Valley of Diamonds and 1001 Nights. Ugh, Just look at Valley of Diamonds. Seriously….

Sorcerer is (to me) a bit like Black Magic with less blue shimmer. It’s a hazy, dark grey shadow with (if you look in the pan) multicoloured sparkle to it. On the skin, the pigmentation is on the lighter, smokier side, and the multicolour shimmer, while still present, is so fine that it takes on more of a multidimensional sheen. I think this one would be cool wetted down as a liner, actually (although I haven’t tried it yet!). The name is…yet another kind of general one, as sorcerers are not at all underrepresented in the 1001 Nights! Seriously, though. Does anyone from the West hear the words ‘Arabian’ and ‘sorcerer’ together and not get an immediate mental image of Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin? Just me? OK… 😉

Valley of Diamonds is kind of awesome, to be honest. It’s a smooth, vivid, pigmented magenta/plum eyeshadow with chunky gold flake glitter. I mean, really, people. You need this in your life! The name refers to the tale of Sinbad’s Second Voyage, actually, so it’s kind of nested within ‘Simbad’s Seas’.

1001 Nights is a *super* pigmented, smooth black eyeshadow with very fine shimmer that’s similar to the stuff in  Black Magic and Sorcerer, in the sense that it’s both blue-themed and very, very fine. For all intents and purposes, this is a satin eyeshadow, although if you look in the pan (in person) you can see more individually the sparkles. A fine and rogueworthy black shadow that rounds out the palette nicely! The name is, once again, kind of self-evident ;-).

Phew! If anyone’s still around after that long desert campfire tale (and hasn’t run out of rations or snuck off to do battle against a few more disgruntled djinni), congratulations! 😀 In summary, I think this palette is more than worth its affordable price point, cost-effective shipping and cool theme. As I said (and as a blue eyeshadow lover) I’d get the thing for Simbad’s Seas alone, but you also get the awesomeness of Hocus Pocus, Valley of Diamonds, Aladdin’s Lamp, Genie, 1001 Nights and Scheherazade’s Tale. The misses/redundancies are probably Sultan’s Garden, and the Black Magic/Stallion/Sorcerer area of the palette, but only because their pigmentation is less impressive than that of the others. They’re still nice colours and useful ‘smokies’ in their own right, although they didn’t quite live up to their full potential.  Should you go for this (LE) palette? If you’re not already drowning in palettes, definitely. If you’re a blue eyeshadow connoisseur, definitely! If you love autumnal, jewel-toned eyeshadows in (mostly) excellent quality at an unbeatable price point, definitely!

I’m definitely planning to do a few looks with this palette (especially Simbad’s Seas!), but the daylight’s been a bit rubbish around here lately, so I haven’t been able to get much in the way of good photos. Stay tuned! If anyone has any requests for looks with this palette (or just in general) let me know it the comments 🙂


What do you think, fellow adventurers? Have you tried any of Sleek’s makeup? Be honest – how much do you want that blue shadow now? Are you also a fan of middle eastern mythology (and food)?

The practicalities: The Sleek Arabian Nights Smoke and Shadows i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette costs US$11.99 for 12 x 1.1 g (i.e. 12.12g, i.e. 0.43 oz) of total stuff,  is limited edition, and may be acquired from (This link isn’t affiliate, just here for your convenience!). If you are a Rogue of Middle Earth, the shipping is insanely reasonable direct from the website!

Until next time, fellow adventurers, don’t forget to check for traps!


I am an adventuring rogue, not a mercenary for hire, and as such, all opinions expressed here are my own, based on a genuine fondness for/interest in this product. If you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to pin your parchment to the board (contact me) at thepaintedrogue [at] gmail [dot] com., or use the contact form provided! All images and text on this blog are the property of The Painted Rogue unless otherwise stated. If you nick off with any of it, be prepared to find that your morning hot beverage tastes a little…different than usual. Didn’t the rogue say something the other day about that new poison that makes your innear ear itch maddeningly for the rest of your life? I think she did…


70 thoughts on “Night of 1001 Rogues: The Sleek Arabian Nights Smoke and Shadows Eyeshadow Palette!

      • Hehe, hopefully if this palette is super popular, then (like the Vintage Romance one) Sleek with make it permanent! Fingers crossed! 🙂

        Hmm…polishes…the best one I can think of off the top of my head if you want sparkle is the Formula X by Sephora polish in Beacon (I’m sure there are others!). If you want metallic, maybe Zoya Song? If you want creme (no sparkle or shimmer at all), maybe OPI Eurso Euro? None of these are quite as purple as I want them to be, but they’re all deep, gorgeous blues! Do you have access to any of those brands? (here in NZ we actually only have OPI out of those 3 brands in stores, LOL!)


      • Thank you Syl ! We only have access to OPI here. I’m looking for a cream one, so Eurso Euro may be what I’m looking for !
        I have the Bel Argus from last Chanel summer collection but it’s too satiny to remind me the Mykonos blue.
        As i come back on your review, more i look at this palet, more i want it, lol. Your favourite colors are mine too ! This palet is awsome ! Love this Wonderfull Tales post !
        Have a look on my new notd dear, hope you’ll like it !


      • Eurso Euro is one of my favourites, actually. I think the formula is great! I’m not sure if it’s a perfect match for Simbad’s Seas, but it’s probably the best creme one I can think of in OPI! Have you seen the new Nordic Collection? There’s a phenomenal purple one called ‘Do You Have This In Stock-holm?’ It’s gorgeous!

        Off to take a look at your post now! ^_^


      • Thank you Syl !
        I checked Eurso Euro online, the color is calling me ! Have to Swatch it ! It’s maybe the bright intense Mykonos blue i’m searching for !!!
        The nordic collection is great ! So funny the name of “Do you have this in Stock-holm” 🙂 !
        My Voice Is A Little Norse is calling me ! Love anything holographic 🙂 !


  1. Wow, you are very knoledgeable, Syl! I’m in awe! How come you seem to always know everything about everything!!!! I really enjoyed reading all these tales especially the one with wife Scheherazade! Smart, wasn’t she?!

    Man, this palette is beyond gorgeous. The colors are right up my alley, too! There’s not one shade that I don’t like! I’d love to see you create looks with Hocus Pocus, Simbad’s Seas (MY GOODNESS LOOK AT THE BLUE!!!!!!), Black Magic, and/or Valley of Diamonds! When the weather permits of course. ;D

    I have MAC’s version of Hocus Pocus and it’s one of my absolute favorite “smokey” grayish blacks of all time. It’s more black than green, though.

    Crapplicator. That pretty much sums it up. Haha! ;D



    • I’m an interdisciplinary arts/science PhD student, Jaa. It’s, like, my *destiny* to know everything about nothing 😀 I reckon Scheherazade was pretty darn smart – also quite brave!

      You should totally get the palette, Jaa…get iiiiiiiit….wooOoO0OOOoo0ooO0Oo… *casts spell*. 😉

      ((((((((((Jaa)) – seriously, I apologise, but one arm is *still* fighting off the spiders. I need a new ISP… 😛


  2. First off I’ll say, you bet I love romantic happy endings!!! 😀 What better than a romantic Arabian Night!!! ;D These are gorgeous, rich colors!!! Thank you for the great post and swatches!!! I think I just fell in love with Sinbad by the Sea!!! 😀 😀 😀 I will ride with him on his Stallion, and head to the Valley of the Diamonds!!! HA HA YEH, I think that about covers it!!! 😀 😀 😀


    • LOL, you totally need to draw that up as a romance novel cover! You and Sinbad on a horse, riding into the valley of diamonds. Probably it’s sunset, and there is a breeze blowing through both your untamed locks… 😉 Sinbad will be shirtless, obviously…


      • I should!!!! HA HA Yeeeeeeesssssssss!!!! Yeeeeeeeeessssssss!!!!!!! You are reading my mind!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 There must be something in the air. As I was writing this I remembered last week I got an email from Macy’s and Mac Cosmetics has a new collection out called A Novel Romance and the ad was of a shirtless guy on his ship with his lady behind him wrapping her arms around him. I even saved the email because I liked the picture so much! 😉😉😉😍😍😍 Some serious love in the air!!! 😄😄😄😉😉😉


      • Haha, that was kind of what sprang to mind for me too, actually – I was going to type ‘like that recent MAC collection’, but then didn’t because I figured you’d know about it! 😀 Who would your Sinbad look like? I see the MAC kind of made their dude remeniscent of Khal Drogo/Jason Momoa.


      • Oh he would be pretty darn close to what Mac Cosmetics had in their ad!!! HA HA He would have a bit of a thinner waist though. That guy in their ad is a little too thick through the middle for me! 😀 😀 😀 But I still wouldn’t kick him out of bed though!!! ;D ;D 😀


  3. I ordered this recently, along with Rio Rio (“…dance across the Rio Grande…” ) and Acid, plus a couple other colors of blush. Now I *really* can’t wait for them to get here. I have their Rose Gold blush, and I adore it. It looks a lot like NARS Orgasm. Shipping is insanely cheap.

    Excellent review!


    • Thanks! ^_^ Yay for Sleek palettes! You must let me know what you think of them, and the blushes too 🙂 I don’t think this will be the last purchase I make from Sleek…which makes it good that the palettes are so compact, LOL!


      • It’s even prettier in person! I am so in love with Valley of Diamonds and Simbad’s Seas. Sultan’s Garden isn’t bad, but it’s so gray that on me that it does looks very similar to Hocus Pocus, maybe just a slightly lighter shade and less pigment-rich. I wish it leaned green, to make it a more distinctly different color.


      • I’m so glad you’re loving it! ^_^ It’s exactly as you say with Sultan’s Garden…not bad if you take it by itself, but randomly lacklustre when you take it in context of the palette as a whole!


    • Woop woop! 😀 Just couldn’t get through this review without mentioning them (and you, the coiner of that wonderful word)!

      I just can’t get over how much eyeshadow you get for that price…and the quality! And the shipping! It’s a revelation to someone living in a place like NZ, I tell you… (I mean, it’s a pretty country and all, but a terrible one to be a makeup fan in)


    • I hope to share some soon too! I still have to review the Storm palette I bought at the same time, and I’m tempted to do some combo looks, as the colour scheme in Storm is also kind of autumnal, in a way 🙂


  4. I LOVE the Arabian Nights (I think I have the translation of the original somewhere!) and the King (whose name eludes me) I hated for his attitude, ugh. Scheherazade was pretty badass, though – she volunteered to marry the dude at a time when parents were hiding away their daughters!

    Despite the fact that I have numerous palettes already, I think I need to get this one (and the Garden of Eden) for the name alone (I’m a sucker for names!)

    If you don’t already have it, and you like warmer, sunnier colors, you need the Sunset palette. It’s just amazeballs, really.

    And can I just say I love reading your posts! So fun and informative 🙂


    • Aww, thanks Aditi! ❤ I'm glad you like them!

      Scheherazade is a total badass indeed! 😀

      At least the Sleek palettes are easy on both the bank balance and storage space! Somehow I expected it to be a lot larger (not sure why), but I'm actually really pleased with the compact size!

      I saw the review of the Sunset palette on Temptalia, and.. was tempted! I also have my eye on the Garden of Eden palette (I don't actually own much in the way of greens), and the Bad Girl palette, among way too many others! I like how a lot of aleek's palettes give you the chance to cost-effectively try some more 'out there' colours 🙂


  5. I don’t know whether I want to rush Sleek’s website now and order this palette or run to a bookstore to look for a copy of 1001 Nights! What is a good edition/translation to pursue in your opinion? 🙂 One of my undergrad courses had a very short segment on Middle Eastern women’s literature and it was by far the most fascinating and interesting among everything else we covered. It was a shame that the program was (and still is) designed to focus almost purely on British literature.


    • Heh, good question! Depending on what you’re looking for in a translation, you could try the Malcolm C Lyons, the Husain Haddawy or (for the zany footnotes and OTT writing style) the classic Vitorian translation by Richard Burton.That last one is like 16 volumes or something, but you can find it all online for free at (for example) Project Gutenberg. 🙂

      Don’t you just hate it when one of your uni courses has this one phenomenal section that never gets touched on anywhere else in the whole degree? Even my chemistry degree had moments like that (believe it or not)! 😀


  6. Wow, this was a really excellent review- I’ve just ordered the palette because of it (what a great value!). And I loved your asides about the Arabian Nights. I’m not so familiar with them, but I know far more than is really useful about Arthurian legend & provenance. I studied Linguistics and Pre- and Early Modern Literature in school, and it’s really interesting to trace back where stories or neologisms started, and what their initial social context was. 🙂


    • Couldn’t agree more! 😀 I’m so glad you liked the review, and I know you’ll love the palette ^_^ I still can’t get over how cost effective it is even if all you wanted was, say, Simbad’s Seas and Valley of Diamonds. ❤ Sleek!

      Ooh, Arthurian legend – hooray for knowing more than is really useful about stuff, I say! (this from the girl who is in her 10th year of uni, though, so… *cough*) 😀 Here's a challenge for you – what would you rename the shades in this palette to if you were theming it around Arthurian legend?


  7. I LOVE this post!! You had me laughing and drooling over this palette at the same time (not a pretty sight I can assure you haha). Fantastic post, I am so glad I bought this. Now I have to play the waiting game for it to arrive 😉


    • Hehe, I’m glad you liked it! All the compliments in these comments have my face red and making that ‘phweeeEEE’ noise that a boiler under pressure does in cartoons! Yes! Overactiive imagination – I haz one!

      Frivolity aside, I’m glad to hear that you too shall experience the glory of this palette, particularly Simbad’s Seas. I may be on the verge of worshipping that colour…

      Welcome to the Painted Rogue, Bones! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  8. OK, so right now I hesitate between giggling stupidly because I might have found the blue eyeshadow I had been looking for, and cursing you a bit because I bought yet another eyeshadow palette! Thank you so much for this lengthy, complete and funny review. I really like reading you, and now that you have made me purchase something, it seemed only fair I told you!
    As a literature student, I do hope Sleek will pursue their stories themed palettes: it would give me an excuse to buy some more… (plus, it allows one to troll people: “what did you do this morning?” “oh, you know, I put a little Black Magic on my Stallion…”)


    • Muahahahahaa! *raises fists to sky in triumph as lightning/thunder etc crash in background*

      OK, I’m not actually trying to conspire against people’s wallets, but when you have that blue…and for that price…and all the other stuff…I feel compelled to convert people!

      I’m so glad you like the blog, and so glad you said so! I love comments so much it’s ridiculous, and (of course) ones that compliment me have that little extra ‘frisson’ 😉 Seriously, however, welcome to the adventuring party!

      I hope Sleek keep making literature palettes too! What would you like to see them do next? 😀 I wouldn’t mind a Canterbury Tales one myself…

      LOL @ ‘Black magic on my stallion’ – makes me want to tell people at work tomorrow that I spent my weekend ‘gettin’ some hocus pocus from a sorcerer in my valley of diamonds’…

      …to wierd? 😉

      Also, since you’re a literature student, please tell me you’re familiar with Auxiliary Beauty? I hope so, because if you’re not we need to remedy that, STAT! 😀


      • Hm, an arthurian legends would be nice I guess? Or – but that my love for Balzac speaking – a Human Comedy one (and that will never ever happen, ha).
        I do hope you went ahead and told the tale of you weekend that way, haha!
        I do read – and love – Auxiliary Beauty, even though I haven’t been commenting yet (I’m very bad at commenting the blogs I love when they are in English for fear of being unrelevant: that’s the French beauty blogger for you!)


      • Hooray for Auxiliary Beauty! ^_^ You shouldn’t fear being irrelevant at all 🙂 It’s so much fun to connect with people from all over the world too, although… c’est la même chose pur moi, quand je lis des blogs (?) en allemande! Je parle couramment l’allemand, mais (bizarrement) je pense toujours que je vais sembler étrange…comme mon français ici!

        Un jour, je voudrais avoir un blog bilingue, mais je pense que je vais avoir besoin de beaucoup de temps. Même si je sais que je pourrais faire un «bon» post (?), je ne suis pas sûr que je serais transmettre la même personnalité et l’humour que j’essaie d’utiliser… 😀 (I apologise for all that, by the way, LOL! My French is rustier than the bike I had when I was six!)


      • Your French doesn’t seem rusty at all, colour me impressed! (is it because you’re a rogue? did you steal an artefact allowing to speak any language?) (oh my god, did you steal the tardis?)
        It is the same for me though: I thought about opening a blog in English, but in the end I write in French. Maybe someday I will do it – you certainly should!
        My palette is on its way. So excited!


      • Woop woop! 😀 I’m excited for you!

        I probably have stolen a few decent linguistic artefacts in my time, but sadly, a rogue’s gotta eat, so I’ve probably sold most of them to fund my addiction to makeup and…not starving. 😉


  9. I wonder why this palette cannot be shipped to the US? It seems to be the only one that they won’t ship due to “shipping regulations” ??? Anyone know why?


    • I didn’t even notice that, and I ordered it. I got a shipping confirmation saying it had been dispatched along with the other two eye palettes I ordered. I hope it makes it into the country. It does seem weird.


      • That sounds like what Christine mentioned. Maybe there’s just an error on the site that’s randomly displaying it?
        Can’t wait to hear what you think of your Sleek loot, Rachel! 🙂


      • Mine arrived fine. The customs declaration label even said, “Cosmetics–Non-hazardous.” The warning must be out-of-date or a mistake.


      • I guess it depends on how many people in the US saw it by way of Temptalia, where the difficulty was mentioned/resolved. I kind of assumed Sleek had corrected their site, because I didn’t see it when I went to purchase the thing (and it hadn’t redirected me to a special NZ/Asia/whatever site that I knew of), but it’s a shame that it was still there! Hopefully someone at Sleek will twig to this, and take better care next time (It’s not even like the colours in the palette are neons or anything)…


      • Yeah, I know. In fact, I also got the Acid Palette, which has neons and there was not a warning. I wonder if I should write their customer service, and see what they say?


      • That would be a great idea, I think! If they don’t know the bug is there, I guess they can’t fix it…and we can’t really rely on them to read the blogs (as much sense as that would make for them!!).


  10. This is the first I’ve heard of this palette! Was I living under a rock or something? LOL. All the pretty shades sound so glorious to me, even the blue and purple ones.


    • Hehe, I only heard of it because of Temptalia, actually. Well, that’s a pretty decent place to look for makeup loot, so maybe check for rocks, LOL! 😉

      In all seriousness, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for a good autumn eyeshadow palette, or a PHENOMENAL BLUE EYESHADOW! 😀


  11. oh dude.
    oh dude I need this in my life.
    thank-you so much for reviewing it!

    (also: gamer + degree in Egyptology? you are officially the coolest beauty blogger in existence.)


    • You are welcome 😀 I hope you get the chance to loot this one!

      Why thank you! Obviously, I like to think I am the coolest beauty blogger in existence STOP SNIGGERING IN THE BACK ROW!, but it’s nice to have it confirmed *tosses hair, teeth make ‘bling’ sound*. 😀

      ^_^ I do appreciate the comliment though, really ❤


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  17. Wow, that was a loooong read- but worth it! Exceptional writing skills! I have followed sleek for a long time and it always buy their newest palettes but this one I actually ordered two- it’s one of their best palettes really! My favourite shade is genie 🙂


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😀 Yeah, my posts are usually kinda wordy 😛 Two of this palette – you are sorted! I was kind of tempted to get more Sleek palettes myself, but as it was my frist time personally with the brand, I went a bit more conservative and only got two (the Arabian Nights and the Storm). I do have others on my list though (Eden, Vintage Romance, Sunset, Bad Girl..)


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