A Rogue’s Preciousssss…Eyeliner Collection!

Greetings from my own personal treasure hoard, fellow rogues!

Despite being a beauty blogging rogue adventuress extraordinaire, my hoard of glittering makeup loot is actually pretty small. I’m not sure there’s any real yardstick for ‘how large is large?’ when it comes to makeup stashes, but let’s just say the entirety of mine fits in one of those Tupperware type boxes that you can put the average birthday cake in and not ding the icing. As such, finding a collection within my collection (as it were) that I hadn’t talked about before and didn’t muscle in on previous Beauty Spotlight Team entries proved a bit of a task…

That is, until it dawned on me that there’s one brand disproportionately represented in my stash, and within that brand, there’s one item that I can truly say I’ve collected! The brand is Urban Decay, and the item is (you guessed it) eyeliners!

Urban Decay Eyeliner Review Swatch Looks

Eyeliners! Trippy!

A little background: I’ve only really been seriously wearing makeup for a little over a year, but when this rogue falls for a hobby, she falls hard (see: the 6.5 hours of ballet I do a week). At heart, I am and will always be a lipstick girl, but there was one previously unexplored area of the makeup jungle that I fell in love with almost immediately upon trying it, and that was eyeliner. While the eyeliner that started it all was a Lancome one (a tale for another campfire), almost every other liner I own comes from Urban Decay. ‘But Syl!’ I hear you cry, ‘Urban Decay isn’t even a thing in New Zealand! How do you get all your magical loot from them?’. The answer to that is YouShop, my friends, combined with the awesomeness that is a site that allows you to order with a non-US billing address. Urban Decay has my undying love for this – they make their stuff accessible, at the normal price point (+/- for exchange rate) outside of the US. I find it difficult to articulate how much I love the brand, and I’ve adored everything I have bought from them. Pretty much every makeup look on this blog features UD stuff (shadow or liner) somewhere in it!

Anyway, I’m rambling (what a surprise). 😛

Urban Decay Eyeliner Review Swatch Looks

All the liners, for global comparison on vampiric paleness. You may have spotted a colour trend 😛

My point is that there are very few ‘lines’ in makeup that I would consider collecting all of, but UD’s 24/7 liners are one of them. Someday, I will collect them all, Pokemon style (although throwing down an eyeliner pencil and screaming ‘Perversion! Use: ‘Waterline’!!’ just gets you funny looks from people). I may even spend time just stroking them and whispering ‘precious…’ – although, ironically, the one shade range I have yet to own is a gold one!

Note: please do click on any of these pictures to zoom in!

Urban Decay Eyeliner Review Swatch Looks

Blue and purple! Also: silver and green!

Most of my UD eyeliner collecting was done via the medium of sets (such as Ocho Loco 2/Foxy Four-Way, hence my LE shades and double ended pencils), but I purchased four shades individually (Junkie, Psychedelic Sister, Chaos and Cuff). The first UD liner I ever owned was Junkie, which I bought to try the formula while making my first UD order, and immediately fell in love with. Appropriately, Junkie was my UD liner gateway drug, and I have never looked back (but also never looked more fabulous, or so I believe, anyway ;-)).

Urban Decay Eyeliner Review Swatch Looks

Blues and purples and greens, oh my!

A general note: I find all of these shades to be long lasting on the lids, wearable in the waterlines whether they have glitter or not (although when it’s as chunky as in Delinquent I tend to leave it on the lash line) and to have such lovely colours, shimmers, duochromes and sparkles that I feel there’s one for every mood and occasion.

Urban Decay Eyeliner Review Swatch Looks

More blues and purples! Also: black!

In the interests of absolute honesty, I have had one negative experience with these. My first go at the famous Perversion pencil was an umitigated disaster: while the Demolition end of that Perversion/Demolition pencil is a daily staple and absolute favourite, the Perversion end was painfully stiff, dry, skippy, waxy and generally impossible to use unless you wanted pandas to start asking you why your eyelids were bleeding. Since trying the full size Perversion pencil that came with Ocho Loco 2 (and given what EVERY OTHER PERSON EVER has said about the Perversion pencil) I have to conclude that my early experience was the result of a random dud. Disappointing, but they do happen – I never got around to contacting UD or sending the faulty liner back, so I bear them  no ill will! Besides, I was too busy enjoying the Demolition end, and didn’t that just sound kinkier than ‘perversion’ itself?

Urban Decay Eyeliner Review Swatch Looks

Smokey liner time! As usual, purples. Note: Crave was LE!


You may be wondering if I have any particular favourites or recommendations, or even wishlists for my little collection here! If you don’t own any of these liners yet, I would definitely recommend Delinquent and Junkie – Delinquent is great for everyday (substitute with Zero if you prefer black, or Perversion if you prefer VERY black), whereas Junkie has the dual advantages of being colourful and sparkly, but still deep enough to be wearable on an everyday basis if you’re not into the whole ‘electric’ deal. My wishlist consists of either ‘all of them’, or ‘a gold one’ if you force me to pick just one colour to acquire next. 😉

Urban Decay Eyeliner Review Swatch Looks

The browns! No matter what you’re looking for in a brown liner, UD probably has one for you. This is only some of the ones they make! Note: Twice Baked wass LE!

I’ve included a few looks here using my UD liners (and some UD eyeshadows) that were ispired by some of the colourful characters that I saw recently at the Annual Adventuring Wizards Workshop (Awww!): a frost mage, a druid, a necromancer and an illusionist. Some of the photos were taken with a mobile device, so I apologise for the variable quality, but I hope you like the looks! I tend to wear eyeliner on its own, but you can easily toss these concepts over an eyeshadow look too.

Urban Decay Eyeliner Review Swatch Looks

Frosty! But in all the best ways.


Urban Decay Eyeliner Review Swatch Looks

Sleepy! Gotta watch which mushrooms you eat in the forest…


Urban Decay Eyeliner Review Swatch Looks

Green like the flesh of your minions! But, you know, not actually moldy.


Urban Decay Eyeliner Review Swatch Looks

PURPLE!! Also – why did I take the last photo before mascara? Your guess is as good as mine!

Thanks for sticking with me throughout this rambly tour through my UD eyeliner collection!


What do you think, party members? Are eyeliners your thing? What do you collect? Have you tried UD, or do you have another favourite brand? 

The practicalities: The 40 (!!) shades of Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencils cost US $20 each 0.04 oz / 1.2 g, are permanent, and may be acquired from www.urbandecaycosmetics.com (not an affiliate link! Just here for your convenience :-)).

Until next time, fellow adventurers, don’t forget to check for traps!


I am an adventuring rogue, not a mercenary for hire, and as such, all opinions expressed here are my own, based on a genuine fondness for/interest in this product. If you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to pin your parchment to the board (contact me) at thepaintedrogue [at] gmail [dot] com., or use the contact form provided! All images and text on this blog are the property of The Painted Rogue unless otherwise stated. If you nick off with any of it, be prepared to find that your morning hot beverage tastes a little…different than usual. Didn’t the rogue say something the other day about that new poison that makes your innear ear itch maddeningly for the rest of your life? I think she did…


59 thoughts on “A Rogue’s Preciousssss…Eyeliner Collection!

    • Aww, thanks, Marcia!

      Stash is so pretty! Even on cool-toned me, it’s surprising how often a khaki liner fits the bill. I have it in the double ended pencil with Sabbath, and the two are a nice match together as well!


  1. I have wanted Stash for so long, but still haven’t gotten around to buying it. Now you’ve got me wanting Empire and Sabbath too! Most of my UD purchases are eyeshadow. Sin, Toasted, and Half Baked are probably the most reached-for colours not just out of my UD lineup, but out of all my eye makeup in general. My current pan of Half Baked is actually my second, and for a person who has far too much eyeshadow than she’ll ever know what to do with, that’s saying something! I could go on and on about the formula and how wonderful I think it is, but it might just be that I find the shimmery gold really complements the mischievous sparkle in my eyes. 😛


    • Hi Rach! I can recommend all of them, obviously, but Stash and Sabbath do make a lovely pair together as well.

      Hehe, Sin is my most-used UD shadow, and Half Baked is probably my favourite shade in the Naked 2 palette! Keep on sparkling, I say! 😀


  2. Syl, I enjoyed this post so much! Not only do I love UD liners, but I also love the looks you did as well as your commentary on each liner :). After reading your post, Uzi, Psychedelic Sister, and Delinquent are on my wish list for a future sale! Also, I really like the look of Ultraviolet, it’s too bad that it is LE :(.


    • Hi Carolyn! I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😀

      I believe I actually bought almost nall of my UD liners on sale! The best way is to wait for the sets to go on sale, then you get to try lots of shades (at least, such was my plan when I started!)

      Heh, there’s a reaason that Ultraviolet is relatively unmolested – I adore the shade so much, I’m afraid to use it up because it was LE! I think UD should totally make it permanent. Let’s start a petition! 😉


  3. Hey Syl, haha so my first piece of makeup when I started out a couple of years back is UD Naked, and I fell for the liners, too! I have found formulas with better lasting power in the meantime, but I have several of these (minis from a set) and I still use them for the incredible shade variety. I love the looks you created! Amazing how a little color liner can change the look, huh? 😉


    • Hehe, it’s amazing how well these last on me – even after five days, 6 hours of sweaty ballet, 10 showers etc, I *still* have all the swatch marks on me! Granted, they’re not exactly ‘like new’, but this stuff just doesn’t budge! Which formulae do you find longer-lasting? I’m tempted to do a test to see if I can even get those ones off, LOL!

      Coloured liners are one of makeupkind’s greatest inventions. They require so little effort, but you get such an effect 😀


  4. Hey Syl! You have the prettiest blue eyes! 🙂 I do not have so many eye liners and what I have is mostly browns and bronze! Both you and Carolyn have been raving about UD eye liners..might have to give them a serious thought now! The Necromancer is stunning! 🙂


    • Hehe, you’re so good/bad for my ego, LOL! 😀

      Definitely give UD liners a go if you can! They’re really great, and even if browns and bronzes are your thing, they have a great selection of those!

      Glad you like the necromancer! 😉


  5. FABULOUS post, Syl! I love the looks that you created! I’m a bonafide eyeliner girl as well, and often don’t even bother with eyeshadows! You really beautifully demonstrate just how much can be done with eyeliners and a wonderfully inventive imagination! ❤


    • *eyeliner girl high fives!* 😀 I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, Helen! Hehe, UD makes it easy for me with all their awesome shades – it’s so fun to sit down with a colourful assortment of liners and shadows and just dabble!


      • LOVED the post and am so glad that you love eyeliners as much as I do! With as many as I have in my stash I don’t think that I have a single shade from UD anymore! Well, if you call those GORGEOUS looks the product of simply dabbling– then I should think that you should open a school for that skill!!!!!!


      • Se, the problem with all you lovely people is that now my head is so big I’ve had to tether myself to the desk to stop from floating away like a helium balloon, LOL!

        Thank you so much for the kind words! ❤

        Like many PhD students, I live in constant irrational fear of it being discovered that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing – it seems my ruse is working, though! But seriously, I put on a line of liner, and then smooshed eyeshadow on top of it with what I think may actually have been a lip brush. Yep. The skillz, I haz them 😉


  6. Well well well. How clever of you to infuse your eyes with the Hypnotic Immobilization Spell.

    But I was prepared for this! I deflected your wicked attempt at hypnotizing me and now I will not hand over my eyeshadow collection! Hahaha! I have escaped your evil trick!

    Now that that’s over, I will tell you that I like UD liners too (in general). I have several of the older ones that were phased out. I tried the UD 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner and I didn’t much care for it (in case you’re thinking of getting one).

    Have you tried Stila Smudge Sticks? Now those are liners that can outlast an intense rogue training session.


    • Curses!!!

      Ooh, you have older ones? 😀 I wana see! I command thee to do a post necro-ing all these old shades!…Pretty please? 😉

      I haven’t felt as compelled by the liquid liners, but I do want their Clinic eyeshadow pencil (plus some others, LOL!)

      I really want to try several of the Stila smudge sticks, but what Stila is available here is incomplete and very expensive! 😦 I guess I just need to come to the States with an empty suitcase and do shopping, LOL! 😛


  7. First, your eyes are amazingly beautiful. 🙂

    Second, I love this post! I’m not usually an eyeliner person (I own a total of…four, I think?), but your multicolored looks are inspiring me to experiment. The Frost Mage is my favorite, though I don’t think those wintry pastels would set off my eyes as well as they do yours. I’ve never tried a UD liner (or any UD product other than the Revolution lipstick), but these photos remind me that I’ve wanted Delinquent on and off for a while now! Colored glitter on a black base is deeply satisfying to me for some reason, and I had high hopes for the new NARS Night Series eyeliners, but the reviews have not been positive overall…


    • Thanks 🙂 ❤

      *buffs ego to mirror shine*

      Do iiiiiit 😀 Experimeeeeeent 😀 Get one 'comfort/practical' colour eyeliner (like Stash) and one 'COLOURED LINERFTWOMGWTFBBQLOL coloured eyeliner like Chaos or Woodstock. Having said that, I think Junkie would look really pretty on your colouring too!

      Delinquent is a nice shade – I too was more excited about the idea of the NARS NIght Series than I was about the execution I've seen in reviews, but UD definitely has you covered for the same concept – you might try LSD as well (the liner, of course ;-))


  8. I’m a lipstick girl myself, even though my hoard is pretty small in comparison to others. I love the Illusionist eye look you did. Your commentary on the eyeliners is great. Now I definitely want to try out Stash and Junkie since I only have Binge right now.


    • Yay for a fellow lipstick girl with a small hoard! 😀 I’m glad you liked the look and descriotions; I had so much fun with them 🙂 Stash is awesome, and you MUST GET JUNKIEEEE…. 😉

      Welcome to the Painted Rogue, Ellie Marie!


    • Aww, you’re too kind! I highly recommend giving them a whirl though – or just use the tried and tested method: pick a random eyeliner, pick a random eyeshadow, mix and enjoy! 😉


  9. It’s strange it wouldn’t let me reply under your last comment to me 😦 Oh do I ever remember that feeling– it seems like that is just what Ph.D. students go through. I actually still felt that way after the degree was awarded and I had my diploma in hand. I still felt that they would call me and say a mistake had been made and that I did not, in fact, have a Ph.D. — and that I would have to leave my job since it required those 3 letters! Such a stressful ordeal, and I think that most people wouldn’t do it if that ACTUALLY knew the level of sacrifice that it would take. At least my friends and I said that to each other most of the way through the most stressful parts of the Ph.D. program, and certainly through all of the qualifying exams and dissertation! Some beautiful glittery eyeliners certainly make it a little less painful 🙂

    I got your email, and I am in! I am in the midst of frenzied preparation for classes that start on Monday, but I promise to respond as soon as things calm down a touch!


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  11. Such beautiful looks and an amazing collection! You know, for someone who mostly wears eyeliner, I’ve been pretty unadventurous in terms of colour — I really only own black and brown. There might be a $2 shop silver one in there somewhere, along with maybe an olive green which I have had since my sixth form school ball, if I haven’t already chucked it. I do own a relative butt-load of eyeshadow though, even though I’m a total dunce at putting it on.

    I’ve yet to brave a mail forwarding service. But, as of August 19th, I won’t have to… because I’m moving to London! Stopping over in Hong Kong for four hours, so three guesses as to what I’m going to do…


    • Hehe, Duty Free shopping FTW! So exciting that you’re moving to London! You’ll have to make us all jealous with all the Sleek and Barry M and Illamasqua 😉

      Urban Decay is definitely a great place to start experimenting with bolder colours, mostly because of the sets they release every so often. Now, $20 for an eyeliner is still pretty damn reasonable to a Kiwi makeup shopper, but to maximise bang for buck, waiting till a set has come out, and , even better, is on sale (how I got 80% of my liners, or something) is a great tactic. Also, the double ended liners are good for variety without risking too much money on shades you’re not sure about. The really nice thing about UD is that you can’t really go wrong. The quality is consistently great, and even if you don’t end up liking a shade so much, you can always do what I did here and smoosh another coloured eyeshadow into it for a different effect!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe, it has been quite a while in the collecting – basically as long as I’ve been looking at makeup seriously! OK, that’s only like a year or two, but still 😉


    • OMG, that would be so amazing. These vault things, man…usually I’m immune even to temptation (because of the price tag), but UD eyeliners…I struggled with that one a lot! Having said that, there’s a certain satisfaction in building up your collection slowly, acquiring one piece at a time…


  12. I love all of the looks you came up with, Syl! But my favorite has to be the Frost Mage because it has Ultraviolet!!! Can’t get enough of blue liners. 🙂 I can’t believe I didn’t try to obtain this shade when it was available. My favorite blue from UD so far for sure! I have quite a collection of UD liners myself and I think they are one of the best formulas out there. Such a bum your Perversion is a dud, though!


    • Ultraviolet is actually my absolute favourite blue liner – I didn’t emphasise it much in the post, because it was LE and you can’t get it any more. Hopefully they’ll add it to the permanent line though, because lots of us love it! 😀

      I was so sad when I tried that first Perversion liner, LOL! Fortunately I have seen the light with the one that came in the Ocho Loco set.

      I want to seeeee your collectioooonnn… 😀


  13. That is a truely grand collection of eyeliners. The looks are all very cool and obviously aptly named. I favour the colours used in the Illusionist look. Also: Someone should put a dwarf under that barrel. Waste not want not!


    • This is true. In fact, I think there was indeed a queue of quarreling dwarves nearby, waiting to be put under that barrel. The fact that I wanted to take photos was annoying them quite a lot, I think.


  14. Love all your looks, Syl, you’ve given me some awesome ideas to play around with! I’m a huge eyeliner fiend as well (such an easy peasy way to add some color, yes?). I have a few UD liners and I can’t wait to get more, especially the fun shades 😀


    • I totally agree! It’s my favourite way to add colour to my look, both in the sense of being an easy way to add bright colours, but also an easy way to add any non-neutral shade to a ‘work’ look 🙂 Which UD liner is your favourite?


      • Ultraviolet! It’s such an amazing color – although Tornado and Mars are close contenders too. I’m so in love with them I definitely need to find dupes for them – they’re such gorgeous shades.

        You’ve got me hooked on Sabbath and the brown shades though. I need some brown liners in my life, stat!


      • You do! And one of them needs to be Demolition! *crazy eyes* 😉 Sabbath is many kinds of awesome too – not enough brands make decently pigmented navy liners, IMO. Especially ones that still look navy when they’re on!

        Maybe we really should start a petition: Make Ultraviolet Permanent! 🙂


  15. Wowza now that’s a serious collection you got there! I gave up on crayons years ago because I never found THE one that would stick. Your eye shape is perfect since there’s no touching the upper lids! *iz jealous* Love all the different looks, so many pretties… I mean precioussss 😀


    • Hi Icaria! 😀

      Heh, I do experience some lid/browbone transfer with some liners sadly, but not with UD! If I’m having a really oily lid day (which generally I don’t, but sometimes…), and I haven’t got any primer or concealer handy, I use a matte shade first, then followed by a glittery one. I find that the sparklier they get, the more likely there is to be transfer (from any brand) – although the circumstances have to be pretty extreme for UD to transfer on me!


  16. You have me sold on Delinquent!!! I have several from UD, my fav is Lucky- the best copper eeeeever, especially on lower lash line. When I bust it out, I can almost guarantee a comment of the “wow!”sort from hubby. Thank you for the swatches…. loooove!


    • Yay! Delinquent is just awesome, I’m sure you’ll love it 🙂 It’s always awesome when you get the ‘wow’ from a guy for makeup – the Wizard (my husband) has a particular fondness for super vampy lipsticks (like UD Venom), surprisingly! 😀

      Welcome to the Painted Rogue, Mama! 😉


  17. Your collection is droolworthy indeed. 🙂 I only have a handful of eyeliners, and at a few points, I had none. But that’s due to a very specific eye problem and not out of any neglect for eye makeup, nope… Love Necromancer on you!


    • Aww, thanks! Necromancy might not be so fun in practice (you need to have a very dull sense of smell, I feel), but they sure make for some epic eye-look inspiration! 😀

      Oh, I’m sorry to hear that your eyes were doing battle with, er, things that you wanted to put near them! I’ve had my face do that with complexion makeup at various points when my eczema made a bid for facial control. Not fun.


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