The Painted Rogue Now on Facebook!

Greetings from the edge of the social media precipice, fellow rogues!


The Painted Rogue Now On Facebook!

The Rogue opened the ancient, blue bound Book of Faces, unsure of what to expect…


Yes, despite not actually showing her whole face much, your favourite Painted Rogue is now on Facebook! I’ve only just launched things, so I’ll be trying to get better established over the next little while. If you’d like to stop by, say hello,  and be generally amused by my lack of coordination when it comes to social media, then just enter ‘The Painted Rogue into your ‘find friends’ searchy bar thing and there I’ll be in all my purple cloaked glory! Alternatively, you can click on the rather awkward looking  button in the sidebar here at the right (hoping to sort something nicer out soon!) 🙂

Alternatively alternatively, click here!

I’ve added a few of my recent posts so it doesn’t look too barren, and from now on all my shiny and delicious new posts will pop up on the Facebook page too. Am I doing this right? You kids and your newfangled Intertubes! *shakes zimmer frame*

Are you on Facebook? 😀


Until next time, don’t forget to check for traps!




12 thoughts on “The Painted Rogue Now on Facebook!

    • Yaay! 😀

      It was kind of a big thing for me actually, since… well, IRL, people post ‘are you dead?’ on my timeline, so that tells you how good I am at FB normally…


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