The Rogue at the Social – Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel in Have We Met?

Greetings from the darkest corner of the Annual Adventurers’ Social, fellow rogues!

So, when I say ‘darkest corner’, I should probably clarify that it’s because that’s the natural place for all the rogues to hang out and swap lockpicks. I don’t retreat there out of any particular feeling of social pressure, although (to be honest) the alternatives are more ‘extroverted’ but not really more social. I mean, you’ve got the warriors brawling, the paladins and clerics trying to out-zeal and out-aura each other, the bards jamming up near the stage and the druids communing out in the backyard. As for the rangers, well, they’re into the whole camo thing anyway so it’s OK if you can’t find them. Me, I prefer the darkness.

This is all a very roundabout way of relating to the name of the latest piece of treasure from my recent Dubai Lootstravaganza – the lipstick called ‘Have We Met?’ from Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel line, something I’d never tried before (by reason of it being Sephora exclusive). The lipstick reminded me of those Adventurers’ Socials – lots of introductions, unfamiliar faces, excitement and the sort of ‘eyeing each other up’ you do when you’re trying to work out if you’re going to have to fight them off to be first to the good loot in your next catacomb. Fortunately,  Have We Met? passed with flying colours!

Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel in 108 Have We Met?

From the original Loot post: Marc Jacobs Have We Met? and YSL Rose in Tension (reviewed here)

Have We Met? is, I should say from the first, exactly the sort of lipstick that gels (ha. ha.) with me perfectly. It’s in the peach/pink spectrum, has gentle pale gold shimmer, is sheer enough to be put on without a mirror but gives the perfect MLBB look to my zombie mouth, and lasts a comfortable, hydrating 3 hours – not so long that you can really get through a full dungeon without reapplying, but not so short that you start to get more irritated by it than by the goblins gnawing at your shins. I might collect outrageous purples, and LOVE the super-longevity of other lipsticks, semi-sheer, inoffensive, hydrating pinks are my go to for every day. If they have sparkle in them, this is a definite bonus. So: if you like super opaque, super long-wearing lipsticks, this may not be the one for you.  I’d still advise you to swatch it anyway, just because it’s super pretty.

Marc Jacobs Livemarc Lip Gel Have We Met? review and swatches

Susie the Rockbard gaining the upper ground over the guy who spilled her drink. Skeletal Necromancers can be total dicks.

The Marc Jacobs line was one that I was particularly keen to try upon gaining access to a Sephora, actually – I’d read decent reviews of the lipsticks and eyeliners and new brands are always exciting. When I reached the counter, the eyeliners were mostly either destroyed or absent (out of stock I assume), and there only seemed to be about 4 colours on offer in total (which I think is slightly less than you can get in the US?) so I swiftly moved on to the lipsticks. Not that I need much encouragement to do that anyway *cough*.

Marc Jacobs Livemarc Lip Gel Have We Met? review and swatches

This guy just won’t quit! There’s always that *one* skelemancer at the Social who never knows his limits. Fortunately, the sleek black wall of MJ’s lipstick tube is on hand as a fortification.

There were several shades that caught my eye, but as soon as I saw Have We Met?, I knew that was the one for me. The classic red (Neo-Noir) appealed, but I was sort of unofficially on the lookout for things that I would be likely to wear on an everyday basis. Have We Met? fit the bill perfectly, and a couple of token swatches later it was resting happily in my basket. I can’t believe I had overlooked this shade when Christine was doing all her lovely swatches of the line over at Temptalia, but it may have been covered by that ‘well, I have no real way of getting this’ haze that overcomes you sometimes, living in Middle Earth.

Marc Jacobs Livemarc Lip Gel Have We Met? review and swatches

While Susie and the Skelemancer (pluralise that last word and that could totally be a band name) argue, take a look at that superfine golden shimmer!

Anyway, to come back to the point, this lipstick is a medium, light (but not pale!) pink with superfine golden shimmer in it that gives sheer-buildable, even coverage. As soon as I put it on, I was even more strongly reminded of a favourite lipstick of mine – Revlon’s Colorburst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait. The two lipsticks differ in many respects: Peach Parfait is warmer/peachier, its glitter is larger/grittier and it’s meltier in the tube. In terms of wear, coverage, application and feel (aside from PP’s ‘grit’) however, they have a lot in common. I should probably mention at this point that you should not be deterred by ‘shimmer’ – Have We Met?’s shimmer is so fine that what you get is a luminous, almost glossy effect that incorporates a bit of a plumping illusion. This is not a frost, kids!

Marc Jacobs Livemarc Lip Gel Have We Met? review and swatches

Swatchy goodness. I’ve added a little swatch of Revlon’s Colorburst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait, as Have We Met? reminded me of it in several ways.

The packaging is totally functional, and also quite stylish in that ‘shiny black case with metallic detail way’. It has a magnetic closure too, so it’s quite secure. The scent is that faint, pleasant vanilla-type one, and I couldn’t taste anything during or after application.

Marc Jacobs Livemarc Lip Gel Have We Met? review and swatches

Lipswatchy goodness! Peach Parfait once again makes an appearance. The sun has an indecisive relationship with the clouds.


I feel like I should qualify my ‘sheer’ statement from earlier by really emphasising that this lipstick is *wearable* sheer, but easily buildable to ‘normal’ coverage. The application is smooth and easy (Look Ma, no mirror!) and as you can see from the lip swatches above, it makes even horribly dry winter lips with natural zombie colour look plump and smooth and ‘MLBB pink’. The pictures will also hopefully confirm my promise that this shimmery treasure isn’t a frost (if you’re averse to those – frost mages may be disappointed!), and go some way towards convincing you that this lipstick is definitely worth your time if you’re looking for a nice everyday pink with a bit of added sparkly interest. I must say, I’m very pleased with this example of the Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel line, and will definitely be investigating other colours when I’m next in a position to do so. So, uh…how about some conferences in the States, Academia? *nudge* 😉

What do you think, fellow social-adventurers? Have you already met your perfect MLBB lipstick? Have you tried the Marc Jacobs line? Do you also rogueishly hug the shadows at large social gatherings or are you cutting up the dancefloor with the wizards?

The practicalities: Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel lipsticks cost US$24 for 0.12 oz / 3.4 g, are permanent, and may be acquired from Sephoras in the US and the Sephora in the Dubai Mall (at least), as well as

Until next time, fellow adventurers, don’t forget to check for traps!


I am an adventuring rogue, not a mercenary for hire, and as such, all opinions expressed here are my own, based on a genuine fondness for/interest in this product. If you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to pin your parchment to the board (contact me) at thepaintedrogue [at] gmail [dot] com., or use the contact form provided! All images and text on this blog are the property of The Painted Rogue unless otherwise stated. If you nick off with any of it, be prepared to find that your morning hot beverage tastes a little…different than usual. Didn’t the rogue say something the other day about that new poison that makes your innear ear itch maddeningly for the rest of your life? I think she did…

50 thoughts on “The Rogue at the Social – Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel in Have We Met?

  1. I think I like Peach Parfait a tad more on you than Have We met? ! I haven’t tried anything from Marc Jacobs yet and to be hinest I am not that intrigued with the brand either.. it just doesnt tickle the right bones in my body! 😛 I love my Nars and the rest! 😀


    • Hehe, Peach Parfait is definitely a firm favourite of mine! If I want a peach lipstick, it’s basically my go-to. Have We Met? is like its pink sister for me – I really like that I find the formula similar, just with a different colour!

      Of course, if one is considering one’s budget, Peach Parfait gives the same general effect, in peach, for a lot less money (if you’re in the US, anyway).


  2. Crap. Why did I have to see this? I was convinced I didn’t need anything from the Marc Jacobs collection :-S But this, this is just so pretty. It has just the right amount of color pay off for me.


    • Definitely do! I have a total thing for ‘lipsticks I can just throw on as I run out the door and still look awesome’, and this is most certainly one of those, LOL! Now they just need to invent a classic red or blackened purple that you can toss on without a mirror… 😉


  3. Wow, that is pretty! Ugh Syl, you’re making me want to give these Lip Gels a try. I am betting this is one of those perfect-for-everyday-wear lipsticks, am I right?


    • Muahahaha! Yep 😀 Perfect for everyday, perfect for tossing on when you can’t be bothered thinking about what will go with your outfit, perfect for a bad skin or ‘I can’t be arsed with foundation’ day..


  4. Hey Syl, you picked SUCH an adorable shade! I absolutely love it 🙂 My perfect MLBB is Dior Spring Ball Addict Extreme. I bought two backups when I found out it was going to be discontinued! Hopefully those will last me forever 🙂


    • Hehe, I’m sure they will! Either that or Dior will eventually get around to re-releasing the shade (probably with a different name, LOL!).

      Have We Met is so pretty, I can’t get over it. You just put it on and it looks *good*. No conditionals!


    • High fives for a fellow Peach Parfait fan! 😀 The nice thing about Have We Met is that even though it’s great for Peach Parfait fans, they’re definitely not dupes! Hooray for lipsticks that justify owning them, even in a relatively large lipstickcollection ^_^.


  5. From now on, I’m going to refuse to attend an academic conference in a city where I can’t buy cool makeup. 😀 I haven’t read much about the Marc Jacobs lipsticks, so thanks for the review! It’s funny, we have similar coloring, but I almost never go for the peachy pinks in a lipstick line. They’re pretty in the abstract, but they don’t seem to suit me as well as, say, berries. I’m wondering, is your hair color different from mine? That could be part of it (though obviously a larger part is simply personal preference!).


    • Hah, I know, right? I need to go to one of those enormous society conferences (like the ACS annual meeting or whatever) that always take place in a…less *immediately* thrilling city (mostly because that city has huge conference venues). The key point is that it’s in the States! And in the States there is reasonably priced makeup and Sephoras! 😀

      My hair colour is indeed different to yours! The overall shade is kind of a very dark blonde, almost a golden brown. Around my face, the hair is so fine and pale it looks almost white. I think your darker hair probably sets off the berries better, although I think your undertone is a tad warmer than mine too, which might mean that peaches don’t contrast *as* prettily with your skintone as berries do (whereas my pink-based pasty face likes the contrast with peaches)?

      How’s that for a whole lot of guessing? 😀

      Also, when you said ‘pretty in the abstract’, I immediately visualised an academic journal article about Marc Jacobs lipsticks. 😉


  6. This lipstick looks so perfect on you Syl. Typically I stay away from sheer lip colors, but Have We Met? looks like it would work exceptionally well when you’re not wanting to wear makeup but want to combat a case of zombie lips.


    • Zombie lips are a terrible thing! Sadly I have permanent ones without lipstick 😛 Fortunately, lipstick is a thing! I have a special love for lipsticks that I can wear when I just can’t be bothered putting any other makeup on – even spot concealing! Definitely recommend trying it (or Peach Parfait if you’d like a budget friendlier, peachier option) if the whim takes you!


    • I know, right? the flat/bevelled surface that you usually think to apply to your lip seems so small and round, but it’s kind of cute at the same time. Importantly, it doesn’t actually affect the application 😛

      I can’t believe I actually just discussed that, LOL! The detail you go into when blogging…


  7. Just what I need at the movies after a meal of ice cream and popcorn :). Try applying a bright red opaque matte in the dark, “Chi Chi Viva La Diva Matte Lipstick in Exhibitionist, I’m looking at you :(“


    • Haha, excellent example! Even if I’m wearing a high maintenance lip colour like red or UD Venom, I’ll take something like Have We Met as a ‘backup’ in case I can’t be bothered/don’t want to do the whole reapplication thing for the dark/bold ipstick.

      Having no light and no mirror definitely doesn’t help! 😛


  8. My MLBB is Dior’s Grege 1947. This looks like a really nice alternative to Peach Parfait, which is awesome, because I wanted to like that one but I had to get rid of it due to the texture. I just couldn’t deal with the grit. I usually hide out in the shadowy corners of social gatherings as well- all the better to find out what everyone else is up to while remaining a mystery myself! 😛


    • The texture of Peach Parfait is definitely a thing. It doesn’t bother me, oddly enough, but I can definitely see why people who aren’t so keen feel that way! The shimmer is much finer in this one, so there’s no grit 🙂

      Sounds like a true rogue! 😀


  9. I had no idea this shade has a sheer finish! I wonder how it would look on me, though, since I have pigmented lips and all. You are lucky, you can rock any lip color without tweaking the actual lipstick color!

    I have not tried any MJ lipsticks yet. Glad to know that the shimmer translates to a plumping illusion than frost! Oh how I do not like frost finish, like, at all. I’ll keep this shade in mind the next time I shop for lipsticks!


    • Hehe, I may be able to wear any colour true to tube, but I kind of *have* to wear something or people ask if I’m feeling OK. Apparently I look like I’m going to pass out, but who knows, that could be my facial expression 😛

      Definitely give them a swatch if you go past! I believe there’s also a really pretty muted dark pink one on offer (or there was) if you’re a VIB Rouge member!


  10. Loved reading about your loot from here in Dubai!! I own this lipstick but it was one of those things I bought ages ago, stashed in my supply and is never seen the light of day! But it’s super pretty and I endeavour to get it out at the weekend and have a good old swatch fest! Perfect for summer! X


    • Hi Stacey! ^_^

      Yes, definitely bust this one out! It’ll be really pretty and light for hot weather 🙂

      I had such a great time in Dubai – I really wanted to catch up, but as it turned out I got a filthy cold/sinus infection (starting from almst the first day of the conference), and I really didn’t want to share! 😛


  11. Though I haven’t tried them yet, I did manage to snag the Marc Jacobs Sephora 1000 point perk recently with a lipstick and a gloss. I don’t know why I haven’t tried them yet, probably because of the whole beauty blogger thing, I always feel like I need to take pictures before I use things and sometimes that means having a huge stash of BNIB things waiting to be loved. I am definitely looking forward to trying it though. Have we met looks lovely on you.


    • Aww, thanks 🙂

      Totally know what you mean about the ‘pictures before using’ dilemma! I use natural light too, and its winter, so at the moment sometimes I’ll get something, and then have to wait several agonising days before the light’s good enough to photograph it…so I can use it! 😛

      OOH – that 1000 point perk lipstick was like a kind of muted wine/brown/pink wasn’t it?! I thought that one looked super gorgeous!


  12. As a frost mage, I will admit I do like some frost every now and again. However, I love the subtle shimmer of Have We Met?, and the texture makes me want more MJ lipsticks! (I have my eye on Happy Ending…)


    • Yay! A frost mage! 😀 I definitely liked what I swatched of the other lipsticks in the MJ lip gel line. The only thing I was a little bit disappointed by was the fact that the ‘purple’ one (as swatched online) is actually burgundy, and not purple at all, LOL. Not that it isn’t a nice berry/burgundy colour, but as a purple lipstick lover I was miffed 😉


  13. Ooh, another lovely pink lipstick!

    I have just one lip product from the Marc Jacobs line, but it’s a very opaque red — so while I adore the packaging and I think the product is well-composed on the whole, it’s harder to wear around than something like Have We Met 😛


    • Hah, I know what you mean! Is it Neo Noir? I considered getting that one but was kind of on a mission to get things I might actually use *up* as opposed to just use (no matter how nice!) 😀


  14. While I like the color, I fear it won’t show up on my pigmented lips! It looks lovely on you, though – very suitable for daily use! (I’m still on the hunt for my perfect ‘everyday’ lip color!)


    • Heh, yeah, my lips certainly don’t exactly ‘test’ the pigmentation, LOL! I think on pigmented lipsit would just ad a sort of pale shimmery effect – which you may or may not be keen on! If you look at Christine’s swatches on Temptalia you can see that there’s actually solid pigment there, but it is a light pink.


    • Hehe, thanks! It’d probably give you more of a rose shimmer if your lips are pigmented, but there is actual colour there. I think it’s one of those ones that is quite influenced by what your natural colour is!


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