Tales of Adventure from the Beauty Spotlight Team! Loot Boxes, Sale Loot, OMGLOOT!

Greetings from the feasting table in the tavern, fellow rogues!

How’s it going, questers? Had a good week? Looted any interesting ruined catacombs? Fought off any partially (or fully) skeletonised undead? Managed to use up a lipstick? I only managed one of these, sadly…but I digress. 😉

What does a group of adventurers do after a long fortnight of successful questing? Why, they gather in the tavern to feast and tell tales of their adventures of course! Grab a tankard of mead, friends, and settle in!


A Rogue's Rations - Cookies!

COOOOKIIIEEEE… *omnomgromnomomgromnom* The ultimate in a rogue’s rations!



Is the new L’oreal Miss Manga Mascara really all that and a box of chocolates? And what’s Manga anyway? Find out the answers to these burning questions on Prime Beauty!

Are you looking for the best hair styling products? 15 Minute Beauty can lead you to them.

Pink Sith has found a cleanser from Biore that has changed her complexion for the better.

Pammy Blogs Beauty is sharing her happiness about the Influenster Box.

Phyrra is ready to mesmerize you with the new Nars nail polishes.

PolishInsomniac is sharing all the nail polish delights from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Want more Nordstrom Anniversary specials? Then check out Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog.

Take some time out for a little fashion on Eyeliner on a Cat.

The Painted Rogue lures us in with some YSL Lipsticks this week.

See the latest Chanel Nail Lacquers on Mostly Sunny.

With so much Nars on the horizon check out Perilously Pale to see what beauties she’s found to make you want to shop.

Beauty Info Zone has an international giveaway for some mini soaps from Shannon’s Soaps for you to enter.


Until next time, don’t forget to check for traps!



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