Tales of Adventure from the Beauty Spotlight Team! Electric Magic, Epic Loot and Beautiful Journeys!

Greetings from the feasting table in the tavern, fellow rogues!

How has your week been? Mine was chaos – the orcs got into our lodgings, and it’s been storming up a..er…storm around here! I’ve had a spiffing weekend so far, though, and to top it all off, we have a selection of fantastic weekend beauty reading from the Beauty Spotlight Adventurers. Without further ado…

What does a group of adventurers do after a long fortnight of successful questing? Why, they gather in the tavern to feast and tell tales of their adventures of course! Grab a tankard of mead, friends, and settle in!



Hausgemachte Shupfnudeln! Homemade Schupfnudeln – kind of like German gnocchi that you fry. Broccoli is there for ‘token healthy thing’. A perfect winter food (they stick to your ribs a bit, but tastily). Recipe, anyone?



Kevyn Aucoin makes gorgeous lip glosses, but The Lipgloss in Absinthia and Reyna take his glosses to a new level! They are stunning colors in a long-wearing non-sticky formula with the perfect amount of shine! Plus the applicator tip mimics the shape of a pinky finger for perfect application! Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog is in LOVE with these beauties!

15 Minute Beauty was investigating ways to use her favorite new palette and came up with this list of the 19 best Urban Decay Electric Palette Tutorials.

Jessika pairs up with fellow beauty blogger Carleen to bring you two different looks with the Serenity+Scott Smoky Eyeshadow Palette on polish insomniac!

Sunny from Mostly Sunny had the opportunity of a lifetime when she was asked to work as an interpreter for the Dior Miss Dior Exhibition opening in Shanghai! Besides meeting François Demarchy and Natalie Portman, she got plenty of insider information about the exhibition. Check out the virtual tour of the Miss Dior universe!

Surely you’ve heard of Benefit they’re Real Push Up Liner. Beauty Info Zone wants you to know if it’s worth the big hype.

Need a moisturizer for your combo skin? Pammy Blogs Beauty checks out LUSH’s fresh selection of moisturizers for Summer!

Want to have the perfect Summer pedicure? Phyrra shares her Top 10 Summer Pedi Items!

What do you get when The Painted Rogue goes on an epic quest in exotic lands of never-before-seen makeup brands? An incredible pile of loot, that’s what! Come take a look at what a Rogue from Middle Earth grabs when she’s finally let loose on Duty Frees and Sephoras full of reasonably priced makeup…

Perilously Pale shows us why you do not want to miss out on Dior’s first ever pre-fall collection.

Prime Beauty celebrates our nation’s birthday and Eddie’s with a giveaway from Eddie Funkhouser!


Until next time, don’t forget to check for traps!



6 thoughts on “Tales of Adventure from the Beauty Spotlight Team! Electric Magic, Epic Loot and Beautiful Journeys!

  1. I had never heard of Gnocchi or Schupfnudeln before. Had to look it up as trivia of the day ! Looks very interesting Syl! I like the brocolli thrown in there for appearances lol. So I only discovered your blog recently and it;s so different from most beauty blogs out there – really enjoying it! I’m constantly on the lookout for traps. So far so good;)


    • Excellent! Being a rogue requires CONSTANT VIGILANCE. If this vigilance also helps one to spot loot and epic lipsticks, than so much the better! 😉

      I do actually like broccoli quite a lot, it just seemed so token next to the mountain of fried starchy things, cream cheese, fried onions and salami, LOL!


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