Loot Alert! Revlon Legacy Collection Lipsticks FINALLY in NZ – Photos and Swatches Inside…

Greetings from the head of the party, fellow rogues!

No, I haven’t discovered a trap (unless you’re watching out for your wallet at the moment!), it’s something much better! Loot! After the usual delay from the US release, the five Revlon Legacy lipsticks have landed in Middle Earth (NZ)! I popped into the Unichem pharmacy on lower Queen St (near the kebab place) to look for a present for my sister (they have a really good Revlon alcove), and spotted these! I’m not sure exactly when they came out, but the testers were almost entirely unmolested, so I’m guessing pretty recently.


Revlon Legacy limites edition lipsticks New Zealand release swatches

The somewhat awkward ceiling-level advertising for the range. It’s lucky you lot have an eagle-eyed rogue scouting at the head of the party!


BUT WAIT! For even better news, the price of the Super Lustrous lipsticks seems lower than I remember – I thought they were $27 each, and now it seems they’re $23.50! Not a huge drop, and of course you can get Revlon for all sorts of prices depending on where you look, but any decrease is good, right? Or am I just imagining this?

BUT WAIT WAIT! As a bonus on this post, I also finally have swatches of the lipsticks that came out with this year’s Gucci Westman collection – the Rio Rush one. I did a loot alert on that collection here, but couldn’t swatch anything. Arm swatches are below, but for some lip swatches (and the eyeshadow quad), you can check out Melissa’s blog here!

But enough of all that – you want to see the pretty pictures, yes? The loot? Well, here you are!


Revlon Legacy limites edition lipsticks New Zealand release swatches

The lipsticks were placed inside the usual Super Lustrous lipstick line in this Revlon alcove – larger stores may have actual displays, I’m not sure. The new shades are highlighted with the pink banner – Sandstorm to Fifth Ave Red.


I just want to take a minute to say how much I love this little collection. For starters, I’m a fan of Revlon lip stuff in general – I think it’s great quality at a great price, and the selection is phenomenal – especially in New Zealand, where prices are high, brands are few and collections/lines are often only brought here in, say, 5/10 shades (I’m looking at you, Chanel foundations!). Then, on top of that, you have the totally swoon-worthy historical angle. I’m a history geek, and I make no apologies for that fact. When my interest in history gets crossed with my mild makeup obsession (ONLY MILD. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT.), then I get that special rogue happy twitch!

*twitch* πŸ™‚

I also want to note that if you want to see an awesome full post with lip swatches and epic history and original advertising details for these lipsticks, Robyn over at Brightest Bulb in the Box is her reliably awesome self.

The shades are (listed below in order that they are swatched on my arm, left to right; the last two are bonus shades from the normal collection):


Revlon Legacy limites edition lipsticks New Zealand release swatches

Swatches in pharmacy lighting! L-R: Sandstorm, Jungle Peach, Snow Peach, Icy Violet and Fifth Ave Red. I also got carried away and swatched Honey Bare and Pink Cognito out of curiosity. They’re part of the normal collection, but I’m leaving the swatches in in case you’re interested πŸ˜‰


Sandstorm (originally released: 1999) A medium brown lipstick with gold/bronze frost/shimmer. I *really* want colours like this to look good on me, but they tend to just make me look really old, and really ’90s πŸ˜‰ The bullet is beautiful, though, and Robyn rocks it, so I think it’s definitely worth a swatch even if you’re not usually a ‘brown’ lipstick adventurer!

Jungle Peach (originally released: 1963) A pale peachy pink colour that leans very warm and ‘creamsicle’ on my skin. This is a terrible colour on me, but I looks spiffing on Christine over at Temptalia. A lot of these shades are (as noted by other bloggers too), quite changeable depending on the light and your skintone. I think this actually makes them more versatile, but it can mean hit and miss too, I guess! This is the shade that I feel best and most obviously represents its decade. This is some ’60s mod colour, right here!

Snow Peach (originally released: 1956) A gorgeous, pinky coral/melon shade. This one is really vibrant, and has excellent coverage in one pass for what is a relatively glossy lipstick. Out of curiosity, given how absurdly, gloriously bright it is on my skin (it’s even brighter in real life), I swatched a dot of the Matte Balm in Unapologetic next to it – Unapologetic is definitely pinker (and obviously matte and a touch more opaque), but the brightness is quite similar on my vampire arm. WANT.

Icy Violet (originally released: 1946) A relatively sheer, sparkly/frosty lilac shade, with a hint of rosy brown. Actually quite wearable I think, and how frosty it is is a funtion of how much you apply. The swatch below is several passes to build up the colour, and it’s still not screaming ‘frost’ on me. ALSO IT’S PURPLE OMG ❀ 1946 OMG ❀

Fifth Ave Red (originally released: 1958) A neutral-cool darker red. Not so dark that it’s really really vampy, but what most would probably call an ‘autumn/fall’ kind of red. I think this one’s quite nice on my skintone, actually (now to justify another red lipstick…hm…) πŸ˜‰ I also think it would suit quite a lot of people, as it’s nearly neutral, but has a little bit of blue to make your teeth look whiter!


Now, as for that Gucci Westman stuff I mentioned:


Revlon Gucci Westman Rio 2014 lipsticks swatches

The Revlon Gucci Westman 2014 lipsticks, pulled out of their hiding places in the regular Super Lustrous lineup.
Theme: Rio. Carnivals, beaches, ladies in sparkly bikinis, etc. That pale one says ‘Ipanema Beach’, btw.


Carnival Spirit is a GORGEOUS sheer, glossy pinky orange. I wanted this when I first saw it, Melissa’s post did absolutely *nothing* to help, and I don’t know if these are permanent or not. Hence, despite my embarrasing loot pile, I bought one. ‘Coral’ lipsticks, people. Argh. Is there a Coral Lipstick Lovers Anonymous I can go to?

Sultry Samba is, on my skin, a near-neon, near fluorescent shade of hot barbie pink. It’s also matte. I did a terrible swatch here, as the tester bullet was kinda gross and I actually didn’t really want to touch it to my skin, but the pigmentation is actually really decent. If I were a bigger fan of matte lipsticks, I might get this one just for fun! It’s 10x brighter in person, too.

Ipanema Beach is almost invisible on this rogue, as it’s basically the same colour as my vampire skin. It’s a sheer, incredibly sparkly whitish beige. Basically, I’d call it a sheer, sparkly nude gloss in bullet form. I’m guessing it won’t be for everyone, as it’ll probably make quite a frosty statement on pigmented lips, but it’s also a really interesting, fun shade.

Brazilian Tan is pretty much the embodiment of why very warm toned brown lipsticks are a bad idea on someone as pale and cool toned as I am. It actually looks like I dipped my finger in a goblin baby’s swaddling cloth and started swatching. However! If you can rock the warm browns, then this range has a lipstick for you!


Revlon Gucci Westman Rio 2014 lipsticks swatches

Gucci Westman Rio collection lipsticks: Brazilian Tan at left, then from top: Ipanema Beach, Carnival Spirit and Sultry Samba. Also pictured, ALL OF MY VEINS. πŸ˜€


Phew! What do you think, fellow adventurers? Did you pick up any of these lipsticks? Have you seen anything you like? Is the Legacy collection even (still) available where you are?


Happy Looting!

Until next time, fellow rogues, don’t forget to check for loot as well as traps!



I am an adventuring rogue, not a mercenary for hire, and as such, all opinions expressed here are my own, based on a genuine fondness for/interest in this product. If you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to pin your parchment to the board (contact me) at thepaintedrogue [at] gmail [dot] com., or use the contact form provided! All images on this blog are the property of Syl unless otherwise noted. They may not be reproduced without permission – if you do, I’ll send goblin hordes after you. Plague-ridden ones.


21 thoughts on “Loot Alert! Revlon Legacy Collection Lipsticks FINALLY in NZ – Photos and Swatches Inside…

  1. Oh the Fifth Ave Red is so gorgeous, I want it!!
    I wonder if it would suite my forever tanned skin tone, but I’m sure Revlon India would’ve not launched these here.


    • I think it would! It’s a great neutral red (it pulls cooler on my blue-based skin), although you can probably find a million alternatives. I feel like if Revlon managed to release it in NZ, then they should release it everywhere, LOL!


  2. I was excited to hear that Revlon was resurrecting lipsticks from its past (zombie lipsticks!), but I underwhelmed by the colors they chose. The three I’d actually consider buying (Fifth Ave. Red, Jungle Peach, and Snow Peach) aren’t terribly unusual, and the other two don’t strike my fancy at all. Then again, that might be a built-in problem with this collection. The creme lipsticks appeal to me because creme finishes and red and coral shades are popular right now; but *because* they look like modern lipsticks, I see them as generic. Whereas the other two strike me as unusual, but they’re unusual because frosts and browns aren’t popular today, so I don’t want them. Wow, I just spent far too much brainpower thinking about this…


    • Aha, I didn’t mention this in the post, but I believe that these shades were chosen by vote from the public. So it’s not really surprising that there’s a red, a nude/peach and a coral, I think! πŸ˜€ That fact also makes the frosty purple a little more surprising, although that one was only discontinued quite recently, so it seems it was a lot of peoples’ favourite from the 80s/90s. Also… I actually don’t know how many really unusual shades Revlon ever had in their collection, and the SL line is so massive as it is, I sort of wonder what they could have dredged up that you couldn’t find an approxo-dupe for already there…

      The only one I was really disappointed with was Sandstorm, but less because it was brown and more because it’s not ‘historical’ enough for my preference with its 1999 original release date πŸ˜›


  3. Snow Peach! I actually found a Revlon display in my town today (there wasn’t any in the past), but I don’t think these were there! I already own about a gazillion coral pinks by now though. It’s probably good that I didn’t see it :p


    • Yeah, I kind of wanted to buy ALL OF THEM for their history thing, but the most I’d ever get is probably Icy Violet (because purple and sparkly), Snow Peach (because coral), and Fifth Ave Red (because if I’m going to have a probably-dupeable darker red, it might as well have the historical gimmick! :-D).

      If I had to choose just one, I’d actually go for Icy Violet, funnily enough, as it’s both the ‘oldest’, and a purple lipstick (if a sheer one)! I hope they make them permanent, actually, if they haven’t already.


  4. I missed these when they came out in the States (okay, I wasn’t bothered to hunt them down) and now I’m gutted I missed out fifth ave red. I did manage to get hold of Snow Peach and Sultry Samba (it’s so neon on me, though!)


    • Fifth Ave Red is cool, but I really feel like you can probably dupe it (although not if it’s the historical angle that appeals) with something!

      I totally know what you mean about Sultry Samba – the mobile camera just did not capture how NEON that lipstick is. It’s like ’80s Barbie, Jem and the Holograms neon! I think it would be fabulous on deeper skintones, though, because on people as pale as me, the shade tends to kind of take over, LOL!


    • Snow Peach is lovely, but on pale skin it’s seriously BRIGHT. Not quite neon, but a real statement. Fifth Ave Red would be great for you, I think, and Icy Violet is just a super fun shade to have πŸ™‚


  5. Oh I’m really liking that lovely shade called Jungle Peach!!! I don’t think I have anything similar! I wish we had testers on display too at our drugstores! One of the reasons I don’t buy them often because I don’t know what I’m gonna get haha!

    $23.50 for a lipstick – I cringe. LOL!


    • Heh, someday I really should just do some sort of disaster pr0n post for you guys with lists of all the NZ prices for major brands πŸ™‚

      Testers are kind of useful, but they quickly get really gross, because people use them on their actual mouths/eyes, and also smoosh them up, or let their kids play with them…


    • I know precisely how you feel. PRECISELY. I also believe that a true ‘collection’ is never complete until you have one of everything, but at that point you might as well open a museum, LOL! I try for the less intimidating end which is ‘get Icy Violet because it’s the most unique to my collection and has the longest ‘legacy’ of them all’. πŸ˜› For Revlon prices, at least you can’t go too far wrong indulging in your favourite.


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