Why is the Rogue Turning Pink? Could Be That Laura Mercier Lipstick, Lip Pencil and Lip Glace Loot!

Greetings, fellow adventurers? Is it getting warm in here? *fans self*…

As you may know, I was recently in travel mode, this time to the glorious deserts of Sharjah and Dubai. While there, I managed to amass quite the sack of loot, which I have displayed (not quite without shame) here! πŸ˜‰ This post marks the beginning of my epic quest to swatch and review all of said loot – I recall making a couple of comments about being unsure how to organise all the swatching etc, but after playing around a bit with my new goodies, I have decided to do as follows: post a review for each item (or set of items if appropriate), with all the usual swatches, then maybe do a big roundup at the end with all the swatches together (complete with some comparisons/dupes if I have any). Hopefully that will get everything out there without destroying my lips/inner forearm utterly, making me look as though I have been gnawed on by gnolls or something. Never a good look, ‘gnoll-gnawed’…

But I digress. You’re here to see the ifrst item out of this rogue’s backpack…the Laura Mercier “Laura’s Secret Volume 6 Put Perfection Lip Trio’ in Creme Pinks. If you’re still conscious after being hit with that rather unwieldy title, here’s the picture from the loot post:


It’s the silver box at the top centre/left with the three lip products sitting on top of it…


In case you’re wondering why I’m showing you old photos, it’s because I take pictures in natural light, and recently the overcast skies have made things SO GODSDAMN BRIGHT that taking a picture of a reflective silver box is basically impossible (well, for someone with my photo skills, anyway). So if you want to know what the little box looks like, that’s it πŸ˜‰

Said little box contains three lip products, each (originally) wrapped in purple tissue paper, (and a helpfully unhelpful card):

Full Size Creme Smooth Lip Colour Lipstick in Antique Pink

Travel/Sample Size Lip Pencil in Plumberry

Travel/Sample Size Lip Glace in Blush


Laura Mercier Laura's Secret Volume 6 - Lipstick in Antique Pink, Lip Pencil in Plumberry and Lip Glace in Blush

Laura Mercier Laura’s Secret Volume 6 – Lipstick in Antique Pink, Lip Pencil in Plumberry and Lip Glace in Blush


Now, those were the older photos. Since then I decided to have Sigryn investigate these lip products a bit further, knowing that she is both a lip product connoisseur and secretly fond of a good, practical pink for the everyday battlefield:


Sigryn and the Laura Mercier Creme Pinks Set (Secret Volume #6) swatches and review

Sigryn, staring down the candidates for Best Inoffensive Pink, Battle-Appropriate Lipcolour’


I’ll take a moment here to mention that the little explanatory card is a nice touch, but not terribly revelatory. It explains, in two languages (English and French) that you can wear the items either separately or together, and that lip pencil will extend the life of your lipstick. My mind was not precisely blown by this information, but I think it’s nice to have it there for someone who is using this set to start out with using lipstick, lip lpencils and gloss. I wish I’d started my lipstick apprenticeship with Laura Mercier…I think what I actually started with was some horrible Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds thing, or maybe it was that dry Max Factor frosty lavender (hey! It was the ’90s!) that turned fluorescent pink after a while (not supposed to happen)…ah, memories!

Anyway! let”s get down to business…

Sigryn and the Laura Mercier Creme Pinks Set (Secret Volume #6) swatches and review

The same picture, but a little closer and with the lip glace’s doe foot applicator in view.


You should always start your dungeons from the top down, if you can help it (escape routes: we like them), so I’m going to break the chains of tradition and review from lip glace to lip pencil! πŸ˜€

The Lip Pencil in Plumberry is a sharpenable, wooden pencil filled with medium brownish pink lipliner. On my skintone, it appears quite brown in the swatch, but pinker on the lips. It goes on smoothly, isn’t too drying, and makes a decent base for lipstick to go on top. As you may recall, I am FAR too lazy to use lipliner on a regular basis, much less for lipsticks that go more or less in the ‘MLBB, can apply without mirror’ category, but this liner is nice, as they go. I’m not sure where they got the name ‘Plumberry’ from, as it appears neither plummy nor berryish to me, but it’s cute and kind of fun to say. Plumberry!

This lipliner is kind of like the top level of many dungeons: dry to the touch but not drying (all dungeons are a bit humid, I swear), still relatively light (in both weight and colour), and sets the tone for the dungeon levels to come. Some consider it essential as preparation, others kind of rush past, looking for the main event (me).


Sigryn and the Laura Mercier Creme Pinks Set (Secret Volume #6) swatches and review

Arm swatches of (L-R): Laura Mercier Lip Pencil in Plumberry, Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Color in Antique Pink and Laura Mercfier Lip Glace in Blush. Did I mention Laura Mercier? LAURA MERCIER! Sorry…


The Creme Smooth Lipcolor in Antique Pink is rather an interesting level of this dungeon. In the tube, it appears as a light-medium pink, totally innocent and neutral. However, as Sigryn reported to me after testing the thing, when you apply it, a deep, almost warm orchid-y tone comes across, standing out against my vampire complexion and adding depth and complexity to the lipstick. Application is smooth, it’s opaque in more or less one coat, and stays hydrating throughout the ~four hour wear-time. This is sufficient for an average, compact dungeon, if you’re making good progress, and is absolutely average lipstick wear-time for this rogue. Spiffing!

Like the middle levels of a dungeon, this lipstick is the main event. It’s deep, filled with interest and considerably more moisture-rich than the upper levels. It’ll take you a few hours to get through, but not so many that you’ll wonder when the payoff is coming. At the same time, although the colour is something you’ve come to expect, there’s a little darkenss there that ups the ‘danger’ factor!


Sigryn and the Laura Mercier Creme Pinks Set (Secret Volume #6) swatches and review

Arm swatches again, so you don’t have to scroll up, and so I can break up the text πŸ˜‰ Lip swatches are at the bottom!


The Lip Glace in Blush is a really nice finale to this trio of’creme pinks’. For a start, while it definitely upholds the ‘creme’ part, with a somewhat creamy/milky base, when it comes to the ‘pink’ bit it actually leans quite warm and brown. This is definitely a ‘nude’ gloss, but it’s not one of the ones that is going to wash you out. Sigryn was particularly pleased with this one, as she’s partial to a bit of shine on the battlefield (distracts the enemy). I think it would work for quite a variety of skintones, and it has an interesting effect on whatever’s underneath it – in this case quite noticeably warming up the lipstick. Although ‘creamy’ glosses tend to settle noticeably into liplines, this one manages to hold off on that urge (unless your lips are very dry). It keeps the moisture in while you wear it, is non-sticky, and lasts for about 2-3 hours (average for a gloss on me).

Like the lowest level of a dungeon, this gloss is the highest risk, highest shiny reward area. There might be traps (liplines, shorter wear time, dissolving of lipstick under it, which this gloss manages to largely avoid), but if you can get through them, there is a very shiny, easy to carry-off reward!


Sigryn and the Laura Mercier Creme Pinks Set (Secret Volume #6) swatches and review

Lip swatches! Here we have all the individual items swatches by themselves, and then all three together for the full look (as suggested by the insert).


Overall, Sigryn and I are really, really pleased with this little kit! I think it’s a great introduction to the brand, as you get to try out several different products, I like that the full size item is my favourite thing (i.e. lipstick), and I like that all three of the pieces work both alone and together. As you can see in the lip swatches above, there’s actually quite a bit of variety in terms of the colours and undertones within this innocuous-sounding ‘creme pinks’ set. It would be very easy for such a set to be boring, or too washed out, but this one really nails it! I’m so glad it worked outΒ  – Laura Mercier is a brand I’ve been lusting after for a long time, so like a full treasure room after a very long dungeon, it’s a beautiful and very satisfying reward!

So, what are your thoughts? Would you try this set? Are you a Laura Mercier fan, or do you prefer other dungeons/lipsticks?

The practicalities: You know, I honestly couldn’t tell you how many dirham I paid for this set. I can tell you that these Volume 6 Lip Trios (which come in four shades: creme pinks, matte reds, sheer nudes and creme naturals) are apparently limited edition and seem to cost SGD 55, which is ~USD 44 (but probably less in the US) and NZD ~55, (but who knows what the markup would be if they actually sold LM here). You get 0.14 oz (4g) of lipstick, 0.035 oz (0.7g) of lipliner and 0.1 oz (2.8g) of lip glace. I got mine from Galeries Lafayette in Dubai, but it seems they are also available from Sephora. If you missed out on the sets, then the items inside are all (as far as I can tell) from the permanent collection anyway!

Until next time, fellow adventurers, don’t forget to check for traps!


I am an adventuring rogue, not a mercenary for hire, and as such, all opinions expressed here are my own, based on a genuine fondness for/interest in this product. If you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to pin your parchment to the board (contact me) at thepaintedrogue [at] gmail [dot] com., or use the contact form provided! All images and text on this blog are the property of The Painted Rogue unless otherwise stated. If you nick off with any of it, be prepared to find a dagger in your back. Possibly with a legal troll attached to it. You don’t even want to *know* what he powders that wig with.

31 thoughts on “Why is the Rogue Turning Pink? Could Be That Laura Mercier Lipstick, Lip Pencil and Lip Glace Loot!

  1. Hey Syl! This is beautiful on you! In fact I really like the pencil too! You could just wear it on top of a lip balm and it would look super natural and pretty.. I know its a bit too much work for everyday but you know when you feel #nothingbutmakeup on your mind? πŸ˜›



    • It’s true, sometimes you just want to go all the way with your makeup! I guess I’m just one of those people who really doesn’t mind having to reapply lipstick, so I’ve never really felt the need for the pencil. I do like this one, though – the colour is a really good, basic ‘lip’ colour, which is nice to have. Along with my transparent one, I think I’m set!


  2. Sooo prettty I did eye this set when I saw it some time ago here also. Now I think I need it:s And this is how I feel about every beautiful pink.neutral lippie that I see lol. But I love LM so I don’t think I can go wrong with this. Looks beautiful on you and what pretty lips you have !! HowDoesDeeDoit


    • Heh, MLBB lipsticks are hard to resist! It’s always so easty to justify them by saying something like ‘oh, but I will be able to wear this for any occasion/with any outfit..’

      *earnest expression*

      Thanks for the lip compliment, LOL! I always think they look a bit weird, but less weird than my whole face πŸ˜‰ Also, I really like to see lip swatches myself when I’m reading blogs, so I overcame my issues with it and started posting them!


    • I was pleasantly surprised, actually! I think my lip pencil prejudice (although it’s mostly laziness) may stem partly from the absolutely appalling fuchsia lipliner that was put on me for Chinese dance performances when I was a teenager. That stuff was almost painful, it was so dry! πŸ˜›


  3. Laura Mercier’s Bare Lips was a very important item in my own lipstick apprenticeship! (I feel lucky that I got started later than the ’90s.) It was my first MLBB lip color, and I wore it almost every day for several months. Unfortunately, it was very drying, and when I figured out that some lipstick formulas *weren’t* drying, BL and I had to part ways. Well, not entirely–I can’t bring myself to get rid of it, even though the tube is almost empty…

    Aaanyway, this trio is beautiful! I’m not partial to lip liners, but the lipstick is such a perfect rosy pink.


    • I think the reason I took a ~15 year hiatus from makeup was the fact that I started in the ’90s, heh! It was an interesteing decade, makeup wise…but not always a very flattering one! I’m glad you had a less bumpy intro to makeup πŸ™‚

      The lipstick is definitely the winner here (as, I think, It should be as the full size item and ‘meat’ of the lip look) – I was genuinely surprised by how ‘dark’ it was applied. I mean, I know I’m almost transparent, but it has a really lovely gravitas to it that adds a bit of sophistication to what could easily be just another ‘pink’.


  4. Hah…. I’m starting to think I’m the only girl on Planet Earth who wears a lip liner on a DAILY basis! LOL! But I don’t really wear it for color as much as for staying power. I have a huge collection of lip liners, especially the nude shades that I tend to grab more than the others. Besides extending the longevity, I like to use it to conceal the natural color of my lips so that the true color of the lipstick shows up better.

    I know there is a better way to explain what I just wrote in a paragraph in fewer sentences. LOL! Someone help me!

    Anyways… I think I’ve seen this set before and was about to grab one during the Sephora VIB Sale but decided against it. Ugh. Why! Now that I see how pretty everything looks, I might just have to pay the full price for it! Or I could buy just the Antique Pink lipstick alone as it is most interesting in the set!


    • I feel the same way about lipliners Jaa . i don’t use one everyday but I like the nude ones to cancel out my lipcolour when I really want the lipstick to pop! And I agree that Antique pink looks the most fun in the trio (if I had to pick one!).


      • Hehe, although having almost no natural lip colour is nice in one sense, I kind of admire the alchemy of using different products to tone out your natural lip colour to change the appearance of a lipstick… I guess it’s kind of like me putting Benetint/Fire and Ice stain under things to put some colour *in* if the shade is washed out on me?


    • I think I need to be exposed to more good lipliners, LOL! As I was saying to Sunny above, I’ve had some kind of rough experiences with lipliners (including being introduced to it via the classic ’90s hard line that you can see through the lipstick), so I may be unfairly biased against them…

      Also, I think you explained what you meant just perfectly! πŸ˜€

      If you already have a solid ‘nude’ lipliner collection, then I would definitely say that the lipstick alone is your best bet. The gloss is nice, but not really earth shattering, and I like everything as a ‘LM starter set’. I’d only repurchase the lipstick If I used the set up, however.


    • I love pretty much anything with antique in the name too! Also, because antique shades tend to be ‘muted’, they’re often also quite ‘fluorescently pale person’ -friendly when you want an everyday lipstick.


  5. Y’know, this is really a great set for a lot of skintones – they look absolutely gorgeous on you, and I can see them being a go-to shade for a lot of people! I’m not a lip pencil person either, but that shade is so lovely πŸ˜€


    • I really think this set hit the nail on the head – the pencil and the gloss are quite warm, but the lipstick is cooler – together, you can achieve quite a range of tones, which I think is really helpful. I wish more brands would do little sets like this, actually!


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    • They are seriously gorgeous! The lipstick has become an everyday favourite, actually – I kind of wish it hadn’t because it’ll be tricky to get another one when I finish it! (not like I don’t have 30 other lipsticks to use up, but still – this is the perfect mix of pretty, businesslike, and deep-natural)


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