The Painted Rogue Needs YOU :-D What Beauty Quest(s) Should I Take on in Dubai?

Greetings from (almost) a shimmering desert lansdscape, fellow rogues!

First up, because this post needs a photo somewhere, here’s a sneak peek of some goodies/reviews to come:


Sneak Peek! Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2, black cream eyeliner and vitamin prep spray

Ooooo…looooot…. πŸ˜€
(a very kind gift!)


Now onto the point of this post: πŸ˜€

So, in a couple of weeks, this rogue will be sneaking off to Dubai for an alchemical conference! A quirk of Giant Eagle flight prices means that I will have almost three whole free days, one of which I intend to use for beauty-related questing! (Yes, the other two will be for visiting museums and galleries, and gadding about in the desert. Obviously).

Here’s the thing, and the part where I need your help! Thanks to insider info from the lovely adventuress Stacey over at Expat Makeup Addict, I have discovered that in Dubai, I will have access (for the first time in most cases) to the following brands in a physical store:

Sephora Brand
Marc Jacobs (I have my eye on some of the eyeliners…)
Too Faced
Jo Malone
Lord and Berry
Laura Mercier (woulnd’t mind getting a dagger into her eyeshadow palettes and complexion stuff)
Tom Ford (I have to see this stuff in person, at least once ;-))
Bath and Body Works
Giorgio Armani (I hear so many good things about so much of this line…)
Illamasqua (*sigh*, do I even have to explain? :-P)

These are in no particular order, but I have highlighted the brands that I am most intrigued by.Β  What I need you to do, fellow adventurers, is give me some tips on what you think I should look out for in these brands! Sadly, some recent (unavoidable) expenses (I blame the paladin) have meant that my gold purse won’t stretch to cover too much indulgence, but I should be able to pick up a couple of nice things. In order to be effective, I want to go in forearmed! πŸ˜€

I’m also going to be going on an extra mini quest to find some local makeup brands to show you if I can!

What are your suggestions? Do you have any requests/ideas for posts that you’d like to see related to my trip/quest? Let me know! (the more detail, the better). If you have other, more general suggestions, please consider taking my little blog survey here πŸ™‚


Until next time, don’t forget to check for traps!



51 thoughts on “The Painted Rogue Needs YOU :-D What Beauty Quest(s) Should I Take on in Dubai?

  1. How’s Dubai ? Never been there but a close friend loved it !!
    Personally , I want to try the georgio Armani luminous silk foundation , have read rave reviews about it. Urban Decay makeup setting spray and the pencil eyeliner are to die for!
    Smashbox makeup primer is the best!
    Illamasqua is over rated .. I used their nail polishes so far and don’t find it super impressive (nothing my $9 Opi or Essie can’t do better)…
    Marc Jacobs has the cutest polishes packaging and I bought a few for just that reason πŸ™‚
    If possible try YSL and I won’t be surprised if you love the lip and nail products from them !!!!


    • Hehe, I can try YSL here, but I am rather looking forward to the better prices in Dubai! πŸ˜€ I too have hear a lot of love for the GA foundation – it also seems like they have colours that might be pale enough for me, so I’m looking forward to that too! I fully intend to try and get samples/swatches of anything I can’t manage to buy, too πŸ˜‰


  2. Whenever I consider Inglot, I’m always impressed by its reputation for a good price/quality ratio. The only reason I haven’t gotten anything from it is that I’d wish I could check out the colors in person to make the best selection. I have a hunch that an Inglot item, judiciously chosen, could be really put to use on a regular basis.


    • This is kind of the impression I’ve gotten, actually. I have genuinely been within salivating distance of an Inglot counter (in Italy I think, or possibly France, but there was no time for swatching, let along deciding or buying! I’ll try to do some swatchy things and see if I can give you my best run down of what things were like – remind me! πŸ˜€


  3. Bath & Body Works is a trap for your purse strings. You will walk in there and say, “Oh, if I buy six of these I can get them all half off – and I can mix and match?” Before you know it, you’ll walk out with an empty wallet, questioning all your life choices, and owning way too many bath products that contain glitter. No offense to glitter.

    Laura Mercier, my darling, is where you belong. The small amount of her stuff I own are golden preciouses. Don’t forget to sample the body souffle, it’s like silk.


  4. I love the one Marc Jacobs eyeliner I own – Luna(tic). It’s the perfect blend of silver and lilac. I also like the few MJ nail polishes I have but I wouldn’t say they’re a necessity.

    Tom Ford lipsticks are incredible. I haven’t tried anything else from his makeup line but if they’re anything like the lipstick, they’ll be amazing.

    I haven’t had much luck with Giorgio Armani. That said, all I’ve tried are the Lip Maestros and the ETK eyeshadow. The Lip Maestros were kind of a bust but the eyeshadow was decent. Oh, and I have a GA lipstick that is quite nice.

    Laura Mercier stuff seems to be of consistent good quality.

    Illamasqua is hit or miss for me but I find it to be an entertaining line staffed by personable make-up artists.

    Have fun! I look forward to your review of the trip πŸ™‚


    • Thanks for all the tips! πŸ˜€ Tom Ford lipsticks are definitely something I want to check out, even if only to say I’ve seen the stuff in person, LOL. The MJ eyeliners also seem to be a must!


      • Upon re-reading my comment, I don’t actually seem that disappointed in Giorgio Armani products. I think I was just really disappointed in the Lip Maestros as I’d read so many rave reviews of them. Oh well, you win some, you lose some :p


      • It seems to be a bit like…what is it, the MAC lustre formula or something? Some people find them drying, some people find them hydrating.. guess I’ll have to do some intense swatching and see how they feel; I can usually tell from how they feel on my arm, funnily enough! One of the benefits (?!?) of having sensitive, transparently vampiric skin, I suppose… πŸ˜›


  5. Wishing you a safe and smooth flight, Syl…hang on tight to them Eagle feathers πŸ™‚ Forget about Smashbox and Jo Malone on your journey, you can find a Smashbox counter at various Life Pharmacy, and Jo Malone at Britomart.


      • Ooh, and when you’re back from Dubai, and bored playing with your new purchases, check out the Japan Home Mart at Westfield, Albany. Last I was there (beginning of February), they had brands like K-Palette, Dolly Wink, Kanebo, Majolica Majorca, Canmake, Kate, Kose, etc. Not the entire range though, just a few products of each brand, stacked on shelves. It’s my favourite shop to check out when we’re in Auckland.


      • Ooh, the Japan Mart on Queen St (the lower one, nearer to Typo, not the one up by Sky City Metro) has Etude House, Innisfree, and a few others too! πŸ˜€ There’s also a store in Mid City Arcade called Victoria that has a whole bunch of different Korean makeup brands!


      • …and…Saphora is opening in Australia end of this year/beginning of next, starting with Sydney, yay! πŸ˜€


      • Ooh for super special (also pricey) perfumes, check out Tessuti — they have L’Artisan Parfumeur which is beautiful. Also Serge Lutens, Byredo, and Frederic Malle in Mecca Cosmetica. Cheaper overseas because OF COURSE.



    I was at an Illamasqua counter a few years ago in Australia but had just bought some Benefit (before they made it over here) and was also just too overwhelmed! Regret.


    • Ah well, at least it’s not too far away in Oz! I didn’t actually know that TF was available there (although I’m not exactly shocked). Out of curiosity, what was the pricing like on TF in Australia? I’m envisaging mortgage-worthy prices somehow, but I wonder if they did better than that?


  7. D.. UDE!!! Dubai! Amazeballs!! Ok listen up now!

    1.You cannot ignore MUFE! Try their eyeshadows and eyeliners! they are the bomb!
    2. Get atleast one Jo malone perfume even if a 30 ml bottle! You are a #bblogger you have to! πŸ˜›
    3. Le Rouge from Givenchy is the best matte lipstick ever and ever! Get Carmin Escarpin! πŸ˜€
    4. Laura Mercier illuminating quad, eye shadow stick, powder blush and secret brightening powder!
    5. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, the “killer” eyeshadows πŸ˜› and liquid blush/highlighters!
    6. GAWK your eyes out at TOM FORD! πŸ˜€

    Illamasqua I haven’t tried.. will take cues from whatever you get! Spend atleast two hours at Sephora be a good girl! πŸ˜€

    Have a blast!!


    • Hehe, apparently I can get Jo Malone here and I had no idea! πŸ˜› Must go for a sniff tomorrow πŸ˜‰

      My eyes will definitely be given a workout at TF – I shall take them out, polish them, and put them back in especially to make sure they have the smoothest possible gawking function πŸ˜€

      Seems like there’s a consensus on the GA luminous silk!


  8. i’ve been loving Marc Jacob’s Remedy Concealer Pen! it’s a concealer and brightener in one! i have a small hoard of MUFE aqua creams. they’re perfect as base or for a quick eye look and absolutely budge proof even on oily lids that melt everything. stay away from tom ford eye brushes (too rough) and while their lip glosses looks amazing swatched, it doesn’t have the same effect on lips so i’d skip that too. my favorite Laura Mercier product is probably their baked eye shadows. i’ve recently received a Lord and Berry Crayon Lipstick. i’ve only used it a couple of times but it seems nicely pigmented and not drying so it may be worth a peek. Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey is the gold standard my boyfriend judges all my perfumes by. my mom is a huge fan of the bath and body works true blue spa super softening hand lotion (look ma, new hands). it’s very rich and has paraffin wax in it so it lasts through a couple of hand washings.


    • Thanks for all the tips! πŸ˜€ I’ve heard quite a bit about the MUFE eyeliners/aqua creams, so you’ve confirmed my desire to go swatch a bunch – I think they have a lot of great/unconventional colours, don’t they?

      Welcome to the Painted Rogue, Joy! πŸ™‚


      • thanks! i love the d&d spin to your blog and the pics are so amusing! yes! among the brighter colors of my aqua creams, my favorite combo of the moment is 11 (a nice gold shimmer) and 20 (an intense cobalt blue). although since you have need for neutral basics for work, perhaps 16 (a nude pink shimmer) and 15 (a nice shimmer brown) might serve you better. 18 (light lilac shimmer) is also very nice. i’m personally lusting after 22 (emerald green, if you’re not tired of it yet from last year’s pantone) but i’m trying to practice some restraint.

        now, i’m ashamed to say i have to go continue my quest for an upgraded cinder coat in diablo 3 instead of working on my budding blog >.<' /glares at boyfriend for sucking me back in but at least i retain my status of GoL (girlfriend of legend. the mythical creatures that games with their s.o)


      • Hehe, if you’re after an awesome free RPG, try Path of Exile! It’s made in NZ, and it’s really good! Cinder coats are important. Maybe if you get Fraps you can work on your blog and game at the same time by doing crazy let’s plays, LOL!

        Thanks for the tips about the MUFE Aqua Creams. Definitely going to check those out!


      • i just got this so it’s too new to be well tested but a friend commented on how my lashes seemed to longer than usual when i wore Givenchy’s Noir Couture Volume Mascara. i’m usually not a huge fan of high end mascara but i loved the packaging so i thought i’d give it a try.


  9. Whoaaaa have fun, Syl! Also that’s a lot of UD liners!

    I say… check out Givenchy Le Rouge, LM Caviar Sticks, TF blushes (I haven’t tried a lot from the brand but the blushes are really, really good), and new GA eyeshadows/blushes! Sooo jealous you’re going to be in Dubai!


  10. I forgot you were going to Dubai! That’s so exciting!

    I second Karen re: Bath and Body Works: not really worth seeking out when you’ll have access to so many great brands. Though I will say that it was my #1 source of roll-on melon-scented body glitter c. 1999, and I’ll always have fond feelings about it because of that.

    Embarrassingly, despite having access to most of the other brands, I’ve tried very few of them because I’m way too cheap to be a beauty blogger. Sephora just released its own line of nail polishes in 234589 colors, and I’ve heard great things about the formula (and am seriously coveting the cherry-blossom glitter topcoat). Marc Jacobs also has some rogue-worthy polishes, though I haven’t checked out his other beauty offerings. And of course, Illamasqua’s cream blushes are worth a look. Now I’m going to read the rest of the comments because I need more advice than you do. πŸ˜€


    • LOL at ‘roll on melon scented body glitter’. It was 1999 – who *didn’t* love roll on melon scented body glitter? Although mine was in gel form and smelled like flowers instead, but I’m splitting hairs… πŸ˜‰

      Ah, those X nail polishes? I’d forgotten about those! πŸ˜€ *adds to list*. Hehe, glad the comments are helping more than myself πŸ˜›


    • I will do my best πŸ™‚ I rather like Auxiliary Beauty’s recent ‘field report’ style, so I might write some quest report style posts while I’m away if I can. Depends a bit on the internet at the hotel!


  11. wow, have a fabulous time! I’m very envious of your exotic trip! Onto the makeup… Sephora is one of my all-time favorite stores. It’s like a little heaven on earth. The sales reps in the high-traffic stores are usually fantabulous^infinity. They are makeup junkies just like us! Laura Mercier stuff is amazeballs. Her radiance face primer is heavenly. Tom Ford! Though he will break your wallet his products (and perfumes!!!) will break your heart. Too Faced is one of my all time favorite brands. Romantic eye palette, swoon. EmilyNoel just did a video about her favorite Too Faced palettes, that’s worth checking out if you’re in the market. Their creme lipsticks are my all time favorite formula and they smell fantastic. I also recommend picking up one of the Smashbox 24 hour self-sharpening liners. They are my favorite of any brand and they. do. not. budge. ever. I am super jealous of your soon-found ability to sniff all of the Jo Malone fragrances. I hear they are all divine. Dubai will probably have a remarkable perfume selection, so be sure to sniff away if you are on the hunt for a new scent.

    Also… word to the wise about Bath and Body Works. It can be tempting to just go hog wild and buy everything in the store. Have restraint! πŸ˜‰ They also usually have good deals going on like buy 2 get 1 free so keep an eye out for that. My favorite scents from there (that you can still get your hands on) include Twilight Woods, Forever Midnight, and Cashmere Glow. Discontinued all time favorite was Black Amethyst. I will be so bummed when mine runs out 😦 If you really love a scent, go for the real fragrance version. They last a lot longer than the body mists, and layer it with the lotion for longevity. Have a WONDERFUL time and enjoy your goodies!


    • Thank you for reminding me about Black Amethyst! I picked it up on a conference trip to the states five years ago and ended up getting nose fatigue after wearing it so damn much. There’s still the half used bottle somewhere. So pretty.


    • Thank you ^_^ I am certainly looking forward to diving into things and seeing all the new things to try (or at least swatch/cadge samples of, LOL!). Thanks also for the insider tips about B&BW…


  12. Woohoo, Dubai! Have fun πŸ˜€

    Givenchy – don’t own anything from them, but their Le Rouge have excellent reviews!

    D&G – again, don’t have anything from this brand, and I don’t have any recommendations :/

    Sephora brand – their lip products are surprisingly good. If you can get their lip creams, they’re supposed to be cheaper dupes of the Stila stay all day liquid lipstick.

    Marc Jacobs – I have one eyeshadow palette from the line and it’s meh. Not the best thing I own. Not sure about the eyeliners, but honestly, I’d skip the brand (but that’s just me!)

    MUFE – their Face and Body foundation is something I’ve been dying to try forever! Also their aqua brow, and their pro concealer.

    Too Faced – the chocolate bar palette is great, and you might be interested in some of their new melted lipsticks!

    Smashbox – I have some of their eyeshadows, and they’re not ones that I reach for. They’re okay. I’d skip this as well.

    Jo Malone – I got a sample of her perfume, and holy moly guacamole, it’s awesome. Seriously. They’re so good.

    Laura Mercier – Caviar sticks (bomb diggity). I like her secret camouflage concealer (really good coverage, and very natural looking), the primer (I use the oil-free one). Get the African Violet eyeshadow single if you can’t find a palette, it’s so worth it.

    Tom Ford – such droolworthy stuff. I’ve heard very good things about the blushes and the lipsticks (I’ve never been able to digest the idea of spending so much money on a single product, eep).

    Bath and Body works – they have some nice scents, so you’ll need to go in and sniff away. Their candles are great, too (if you like scented candles, that is).

    Giorgio Armani – Luminous Silk foundation. I can’t wait to finish the ones I have so I can indulge myself in that baby!

    Illamasqua – I have a few blushes (cream and powder) and they are really nice. Pigmented (SO, SO pigmented) but blend easily and have good staying power. I don’t have any lipsticks, but I’ve heard they tend to be a little drying.

    Sorry for the long comment! I guess I got carried away πŸ™‚


    • No, don’t be sorry! I really appreciate all the detailed advice πŸ™‚ I’d much rather get the hot word from you guys than go and have to trawl through a thousand random forums and review sites trying to find individual products in a line… T_T

      I think you and Ash might be tied for most epic comment, LOL! πŸ˜€


    • Aww ❀ You know, when I was looking at the shopping scene in Dubai, I found an article about indie/local clothing stores, and thought immediately of you! If I have the chance, I'll check them out, too!


  13. I have just found your blog very randomly! I am SO sorry I didn’t realise you had a blog too!

    I hope you had a fab time here and would love to hear what you did pick up!!


    • Hehe, no problem! I did have a fabulous time (although very restricted by the conference) and just got back to NZ an hour ago! SUCH a backlog of posts to make! You’ll definitely hear all about what I did pick up (my embarrassment of riches, so to speak)


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