Rogue’s Comfort: A Glittering Purple Sequin Manicure with OPI Care to Danse? and Blush Hour!

Greetings from the safe room in the dungeon, fellow rogues!

We seem to be in manicure mode here at Rogue HQ! I recently tried (and hopefully succeeded) opening my mind a bit to grey nail polish. As you know, of course, opening one’s mind is an arduous business, especially when it comes to nail polish (#rogueproblems again, I think), and so when the grey manicure came off, I immedieately turned to the comfort of purple! I didn’t want to backslide too far, however, so this sparkly feature nail look still includes a very pastel shade of purple (something I don’t usually wear uncovered by glitter or similar).

Rambling aside, the result was an OPI Care To Danse? mani (from the same NYC ballet mini set as My Pointe Exactly) with an OPI Blush Hour (from this year’s Spotlight on Glitter collection).

OPI Blush Hour and Care to Danse Purple Glitter Manicure

OPI Care to Danse and OPI Blush Hour. Feast your eyes on the glitter and purple goodness…

So! First up: Care to Danse? This polish is, like its siblings, a soft jelly polish (and it it is the colour of the purple Mentos candy that you get in the mined fruit tube). Unlike My Poine Exactly, however, it doesn’t self-level *quite* as nicely, and the result predictabley requires three oo four coats to both achieve ‘opacity’ and smooth out the streaks. Mostly, I was in it for the streak smoothing, as opacity is – well, come on, it’s a jelly polish! As I’ve mentioned previously, the need to scale walls and broken dungeon stairs quickly means that I keep my nails very short, so visible nail line isn’t really a big concern. Dry time is average to long, dentability is in the red zone, but the finish is lovely – squishy, shiny, pastel purple goodness. Still a little more pastel than I’m used to, but pretty nonetheless! Basically, you shouldn’t start applying this on your watch if you know that goblin raiders are likely to eventuate, but if you have some more extended campfire time, it’s worth the trouble.

OPI Blush Hour and Care to Danse Purple Glitter Manicure

Note the soft, Mentos purple of Care to Danse. Note the awkward hand pose to display thumb. Try to ignore alchemical splatters on side of forefinger and terrible cuticles…

Blush Hour is a strange beast – it’s a purply pink clear base stuffed with tiny violet hexes, small silver hexes, medium pink, fuchsia and lavender hexes and a troll-load of strange white ‘liquid sand’ style grit. No kidding – this isn’t marketed as a liquid sand/textured polish, but you could re-grip the soles of your adenturing boots with it (handy in those slime dungeons, actually). This isn’t a deal-breaker for me, because the colours and glitter are exactly what I’m after, but it was certainly a surprise. This means that if you are looking for a shiny, tinted glitter topcoat, Blush Hour is not your friend. However, if you are looking for a gorgeous, densley glitter-packed, feature-nail all-star (hyphens!), then you’re in the right place.It requires basically zero effort to coat your nail with glitter. Dry time is average, and it sets like concrete (as most liquid sand polishes do on me.

OPI Blush Hour and Care to Danse Purple Glitter Manicure

SO PRETTY! Seriously, all you have to do is make it purple and stuff glitter into it, and I’ll excuse all the random grit you toss in there as well…

All in all, I feel this manicure was pretty snazzy indeed, and provided a balm to my poor, grey-polish-wounded rogue soul (nope, still can’t type that with a straight face) :-P. Care to Danse lasted maybe two days, with Blush hour still going strong at that point (liquid sands are the only polishes to regularly last up to a week on me). If you like pastels, purples, glitters and sequins, and you don’t mind a rather textured feature nail (I toned it down and polished everything up with Sally Hansen Mega Shine topcoat), then give this manicure a shot! I think this little pastel adjunct to my grey polish adventure has taught me that if I’m going to wear pastels, jellies help as they’re not so intense and white-based. Yay for learning! πŸ˜‰

OPI Blush Hour and Care to Danse Purple Glitter Manicure

This week’s cuddly sweater shot is also my first attempt at a super-macro picture, in honour of Jaa and her mad skillz!

So! Would you try a purple pastel sequin manicure? Do you mind if there’s random grit in your glitter polishes? Susie and the Paladin want to know (they had a bet – don’t ask).

The practicalities: OPI colour/gitter polishes cost NZD ~20/USD ~8.00 each for 15 mL/0.5 fl. oz, depending on where you shop, Β and may be found on the OPI shelves at your local pharmacy/Farmers, as well as various online distributors. OPI and China Glaze ($15.94 for 14 mL) polishes are also available in New Zealand (along with Zoya, Picture Polish and a number of other hard-to-get brands!) from

Until next time, fellow adventurers, don’t forget to check for traps!


I am an adventuring rogue, not a mercenary for hire, and as such, all opinions expressed here are my own, based on a genuine fondness for/interest in this product. If you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to pin your parchment to the board (contact me) at thepaintedrogue [at] gmail [dot] com., or use the contact form provided! All images and text on this blog are the property of The Painted Rogue unless otherwise stated. If you nick off with any of it, be prepared to find a dagger in your back. Possibly with a legal troll attached to it. You don’t even want to *know* what he powders that wig with.


19 thoughts on “Rogue’s Comfort: A Glittering Purple Sequin Manicure with OPI Care to Danse? and Blush Hour!

    • He powders it with dead skin flakes – I’ve never asked which region of his person he gets it from exactly…

      He does wear a suit, obviously. It looks like leather, but, again, I haven’t pressed for details.


  1. I honestly believe, given the state of your hands, you are a rogue. Respect.

    I’m not sure if it’s a written rule, and I’m not certain if it’s an unwritten rule, it might just be one of those strange squiggly notations in a parchment somewhere, but all purple nail polish deserves glitter. I’m pretty much down with most glitter, but I find the gritty stuff to be a bit annoying.


    • I’m a tiny bit conflicted about Blush Hour – on the one hand, as you say, purple and glitter are an unassailably awesome combo. On the other hand, the grit is SO RANDOM. It adds nothing (except possibly longevity)…

      As for my rogue hands, I might be giving rogues a bad name, what with my complete disregard for nail care and propensity to bite the skin around my nails πŸ˜‰ the splash is unusual – it was a Fe(III)conc. nitric/sulphuric acid mix from the undergrad lab I was teaching. Turns out it stains as well as burns, LOL!


    • Thanks! Purple is so great ^_^ I can definitely recommend both (provided you can still find Care to Danes, and provided you don’t mind a bit of grit in your glitters…) πŸ˜€


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