The Peachy Keen Rogue, And Other Wordplay: Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in 02 Peach Pop

Greetings (with a peachy keen flush to the cheeks) fellow rogues!

As I mentioned on my sole previous blush review (Chanel Affinite <3) I have only just recently embraced the concept of blush. If you had told me, even then, that I would fall head over heels for one from the *gulp* orange spectrum (something I previously assumed to be a mystic cult of people with warm toned complexions), I would have called over the cleric in case you needed exorcising.
However, I have since discovered that a delicate peach blush can do more than just pop a bit of life back into a vampiric rogue’s cheeks – it can come in the form of a rare and beautiful artefact as well. Now that I’ve popped you all on the edge of your seats (sorry, it’ll be over soon), let’s take a look at Clinique’s Cheek Pop Blush Pop in 02 Peach Pop (I’m not joking, that’s what’s actually on the packaging):
Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Peach Pop

The mystical floral packaging of Clinique’s Cheek Pop Blush. Our druid, of course, was sucked right in, whereas the rogue and warrior approach more carefully…

I’ve actually been drooling over these blushes (there are four in the line, a recent release from Clinique), since they first make my eyes pop (sorry, I lied) over at Temptalia . Initially I assumed I’d be all over the magical Pink Pop or Berry Pop artefacts, as pink blush seemed safer and more in my usual adventuring territory.


Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Peach Pop

The alchemy of the blush, for those interested.


To my surprise, however, when I popped a bit of their peachy counterpart on my vampiric countenance at a Clinique stall in the market, I fell in love with it. It lifts my pasty, phosphorescent complexion to something much fresher and more awake-looking (nighttime heists take their toll, people), and doesn’t have the ‘Hello, I am the king’s orange-tinted court jester’ effect I had assumed at all.


Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Peach Pop

Our adventurers examining the inner, crystal shroud that encases the mystical, glowing peachy artefact.


The packaging is simple and beautiful (which is what I expect a brand with Clinique’s message was going for). The crystal (uh, clear plastic) case is prettier than a hunk of sturdy, clear plastic has any right to be, pops open and closed securely and displays the gorgeous blush within to very good effect. Would I have preferred there to be a mirror included? Probably, but then it would spoil the effect.


Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Peach Pop

Another angle, because this thing is just too shiny and pretty. So alluring, in fact, that our adventurers have become suspicious, and have asked the rogue to check the lock for traps…


The first thing that pops into your head when you see the lovely embossed gerbera daisy design on the surface of the blush is, frankly: ‘Oh, great. This thing is too ridiculously cute for me to use. Curse you, Clinique!’. A few seconds later, however, you abandon this rage in favour of popping your fingertips into the glowing, peachy goodness. I won’t lie, I took the colour for the swatch along the grain of the petals, trying to disturb the design as little as possible… 😛


Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Peach Pop

Hm, no traps in the mechanism… the warrior and rogue debate their next move. The druid has been completely sucked in by the pretty floral design and has lost all his words…


The texture of the blush itself is incredibly silky – it almost feels like a cream product when you swipe your finger across the surface, but it applies and blends on the skin like a powder. Speaking of application and blending, it’s a dream. You just pop it onto your skin, and away you go – I use fingers for most of my makeup application, and this goes on perfectly to give a refreshing pop of natural-looking colour without extensive blending or sheering. The pigmentation is most definitely there, but no court jecters shall result (unless you want that effect, of course).


Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Peach Pop

The rogue presents the loot! No traps, no danger, just glorious, happy, peach coloured blush. The warrior has taken the druid away for a cup of trea and a lie-down.


As you can see, the colour of the blush isn’t actually *orange* – there’s a more than healthy dose of pink in there to bring it into the truly peachy range, and within the comfort zone of a slightly orange-phobic rogue (who desperately wishes she could look good in true orange lipsticks). Swatch time!


Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Peach Pop Review and Swatch

The blush on a vampiric rogue’s forearm. How about that mesmerising haze of peachy goodness, then? Maybe it is enchanted after all…


I wanted to give you a cheek swatch, but (like my fellow adventurer over at Auxiliary Beauty), my style of blush application is ‘natural’, which means that even heavily applied by face standards, it doesn’t really  pop on camera. The effect in person is beautiful, however, with a haze of colour that is visible when you look straight on,  but seems to shift as you turn your head, so that you never look like you’re WEARING BLUSH HELLO. If I ever manage to get a face photo that does it justice, I’ll pop one up, of course. 🙂 I should mention at this juncture that wear time is extensive on me – I have dry cheeks (particularly the area where I apply my blush, and no, this one doesn’t highlight pores or dry spots AT ALL, thank the Gods), and frankly this blush looks completely unchanged after 12 hours (including two of ballet). It would probably wear longer, but I have to take it off sometime…


The verdict: So here’s the tricky thing. I wrote this section, then realised it was identical to my Affinite one. ‘It’s pigmented, endlessly blendable, lightweight, wears like iron, and the colour is neither to cool nor too warm.’ All this applies for Clinique’s peach pop blush, so I’ll leave it as is. Why? Because you can’t mess with the perfect summary. A beautiful blush, with cute design, attractive packaging, and (to be fair) more product for a more enticing price point than Chanel’s offerings, if your gold purse is feeling a little leaner than you’d like. Highly recommended!

The practicalities: Clinique’s Cheek Pop blushes cost NZD ~48.oo / USD 21.00 each for 3.5 g/0.12 oz, are permanent, and may be acquired from Clinique counters and stores the world over, and For this particular magical artefact, I am indebted to my wonderful mother and sister, who saw me hyperventilating over it, and got me one 😀 ❤

Until next time, fellow adventurers, don’t forget to check for traps!


I am an adventuring rogue, not a mercenary for hire, and as such, all opinions expressed here are my own, based on a genuine fondness for/interest in this product. If you have any queries, suggestions or requests, please do not hesitate to pin your parchment to the board (contact me) at thepaintedrogue [at] gmail [dot] com., or use the contact form provided! All material on the Painted Rogue, unless otherwise credited, is the property of said Painted Rogue, Sylirael, and may not be used without permission. If you do, I’ll send putrescent orcish teenagers after you. And they don’t spray with spraypaint, either.


36 thoughts on “The Peachy Keen Rogue, And Other Wordplay: Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in 02 Peach Pop

  1. I have to say the design of the packaging and the product itself is beautiful. Almost too nice to use it as I guess the flower pattern will be destroyed. Does that imply you need two? One to use, one to put in a display case?


  2. I love the design as much as I love these blushes! I’ve put a wee bit of a dent in my Ginger Pop blush and I nearly wept, I tell you. WHY DID THEY HAVE TO MAKE THESE SO PRETTY :O


  3. Hey Syl, yaaay to your nice mom and sis! I think peachy blushes are very wearable on different skin tones, so I’m glad to hear you loving this one! I have Ginger and Berry. For the moment I always reach for one of them depending on the lip shade I’m wearing 🙂


    • They’re so pretty, I’m really intrigued by both of the ones you have, actually. I think I already have a pink blush covered with Affinite, but I don’t have berry or a ginger represented yet… 😉

      My mum and sister are awesome, indeed 🙂


  4. When these were unleashed into the bloggosphere my immediate reaction was, ‘Look away! Look away!’ Do not need/want to be tempted! So fresh and pretty. I think I’ve seen them swatched by a dozen different bloggers and they look flawlessly beautiful on each one. When a product looks this good on such a multitude of women, it’s a winner.


  5. Hurray, mum and sis! I have not given in to temptation on these yet! In fact, I’ve been rather good — the other day strawberrynet tempted me with a an extra 5% off on top of my regular 10% loyalty discount, PLUS their 10% off makeup, and I resisted popping the Chanel creme blush Prevage in my cart. That’s all by the by… perhaps a stippling brush would promote the most even wear on the pretty petal patterns?


      • Oh, I am a fellow finger smoosher! Just not for powder blush. Everything else is fair game. (I would totally recommend the Real Techniques stippling brush — pretty cheap on iherb, especially compared to NZ prices…)


      • I saw that those had come out here recently, and my curiosity was piqued! At the moment I’m trying to resist the temptation to empty my gold purse (such as it is) over at Sleek – the shipping to NZ is only $12 for tracked, 3-8 day shipping!! 😀


  6. I’m trying to keep in a melodramatic sigh over here because GODDAMNIT I HAVE ENOUGH BLUSHES… but… I W A N T I T
    That being said, like many of the other commenting on this post, I think that I would have trouble using it- it’s just so pretty!


  7. Omg you got the Cheek Pop blush!!! I have been eying this every time I walk past the Clinique counter!!! Your mom and sis are the best!! Such a lovely color, too! I bet it looks real nice on your complexion. 😀


  8. Peachy keen indeed! Your review has convinced me, once and for all, that I need to try a peachy-pink blush. I wish my university’s student store still had a Clinique counter, but it disappeared a few months ago.

    And yeah, what’s the deal with blush photographing so badly? How much are bloggers actually wearing in photographs where their blush is visible…?


    • Your university’s store *ever* had a Clinique counter?!?! The best we have is a tiny Maybelline alcove in the pharmacy on campus 😀 mind you, it probably keeps me more focused on thesis than perusing makeup…


  9. Ok, if you sais that it’s like Affnity, i’m sold.
    I like Affinity but it turns that i dont like to use my fingers to apply it. It takes more time, and i dont like to have products on my fingers.
    So this one would great for apply in a rush with a brush and on travel!

    Michelle | MyWonders❤MesMerveilles


  10. It looks so gorgeous! Sadly, these Cheek Pops cost a lot here in the Philippines. I have to order mine thru a friend in the US and have it ship here to save money. But I can’t wait until I get them! 😉


    • Heh, they cost a lot here too – I was very lucky that my mum and sister had some loyalty points to spend, and thought of me- I wouldn’t have been able to get it for myself! I’m glad you managed to get a hold of them, they’re definitely worth the trouble 🙂


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