High-Dexterity Blogging – Beauty, Dance and Science

Well, hello world!

People generally expect ‘rogue’ to involve daggers, black leather and a penchant for nocturnal larceny. While those are all lovely, I would like to show you that being a successful rogue takes some serious multi-tasking, often in areas you might not expect. This blog aims to help my fellow rogues, both current and aspiring, to navigate some of these areas…

Confidence and creativity: if you’re going to talk your way past those guards, confidence and creativity are key – a little cosmetic assistance can work wonders with this, and be enormous fun to boot, but how do you know which balms, powders and rouges are worth your gold?

Knowledge and Alchemy: from poisons, traps and smoke bombs to the aforementioned cosmetics, alchemy is a considerable (and oft-overlooked!) part of the rogue’s arsenal. Knowing what goes into the tools of your trade is both fascinating and well worth your time.

Mobility and attire: most people forget that drifting soundlessly over rooftiles in a high wind in the middle of winter is actually quite strenuous, as is vaulting gracefully over the heads of the mercenaries sent to help you along into the afterlife. Any good rogue needs an excellent set of moves for limbering up, and bard-rogues in particular will appreciate the need for comfortable, attractive, high-quality dancing attire.

A rogue usually prefers to remain in the shadows – unless she feels she has something to say that might interest others. I do hope you will find something of interest here!

Until next time, don’t forget to check for traps,



3 thoughts on “High-Dexterity Blogging – Beauty, Dance and Science

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